Can a void within John and makes him

Can an Individual truly fill the Void Within their heart?The absence of love in John’s childhood hinders him from being able to truly love in the future, which is the downfall between John and his relationships.The absence of a father figure and unconditional love from John’s father creates a void within John and makes him yearn for love from Kathy to fill this void within him. Ultimately, John’s need and desire for love becomes obsessive and destructive. John strives to obtain Kathy’s affection and begins to “track Kathy to the student union or wherever else Kathy was” (O’Brien 33).

Moreover, John compulsively demands Kathy to “‘be cobras. Kathy and John. Gobble each other up'” (O’Brien 72). John’s obsession for adoration from Kathy is initially the reason of his downfall.

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John stalking Kathy is an implication that John views Kathy as nothing but an object for love as he has no knowledge of how to truly love. His approach to attain Kathy’s affection ultimately leaves Kathy scared. An Ouroboros- two snakes eating each other up resembles unity and a whole. O’Brien uses the term cobras as John possess the power to consume Kathy with his love as he is constantly in the pursuit of affection to fill the void within him and is in an instable emotional state due to the absence of a father figure. His obsessiveness leaves nothing but a toxic and strained relationship between Kathy and himself.

John admires his father enormously, however, at the same time John constantly endures the verbal abuse from his father before his father’s suicide. The lack of affection and hurt within John resurfaces throughout John’s life resulting in John using magic for pure deception and to gain power. Magic gives John a sense of affection as John enjoys preforming “at birthday parties and eyes on him, and everybody paying close attention” (O’Brien 29).

Nevertheless, John uses magic for pure deception while, “Sorcerer and his assistants preformed an act of levitation, where it floated under a lovely red moon” (O’Brien 41). John strives to attain love from others due to his father’s cruelty which ultimately makes John feel less of a person. Magic allows John to feel loved as John never has much friends so preforming at parties gave John a sense of importance which he never has growing up. Preforming in front of other’s allows John to feel adoration from others as everyone pays attention and enjoys his magic-John’s father never supports John and does not think of magic highly. However, magic also brings John to his downfall where as John is Sorcerer, he is superior and preforms many tricks with his other veterans. However, John uses magic as a form of innocence in the massacre to take away the cruelty of the whole event.

John’s use of magic is only an appearance at the surface to gain adoration, however, preforming and deception does not heal a broken heart leaving John purely upset.


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