Cameron many colors like black and grey.

Cameron Braxton


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Piedmont Soil Report



I’m going to talk
about the crystalline igneous and metamorphic rocks of the piedmont region of
Maryland. The Piedmont Plateau Province is composed of hard, crystalline
igneous and metamorphic rock and extends from the inner edge of the Coastal
Plain westward to Catoctin Mountain, the eastern boundary of the ridge
Province. Bedrock in the Piedmont territory towards the east consist of gneiss,
gabbro, schist, and other metamorphic, sedimentary, and igneous rocks of
probable volcanic origin. The eastern part of the Piedmont is made of different
rocks like bedrock that can range in many colors like black and grey.


This paragraph is
talking about how humans affect the Piedmont region of Maryland. People of the
U.S use the Piedmont region to grow tobacco and peanuts. When they grow those
things they are taking away habitats in the region. The forest called Black Belt
in the Piedmont region has been completely converted, but there is very few
habitats in good conditions left there, particularly on granite outcrops. Nine
blocks of the habitat have been identified by this analysis but most are in
relatively poor condition, fragmented, and poorly protected. These are some of
the things humans have done to harm the habitats of the Piedmont region.


This paragraph is
talking about how the Piedmont should get Soil Preserve. The reason why the
Piedmont region get Soil Preserve because it’s soil has an important role in
the ecosystem. Maintaining a good soil cover in forest and croplands facilities
the retention of organic matter and the cycling of nutrients within the
ecosystem. These are just some of the reasons why the Piedmont region should
get Soil Preserve.


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