California California was an independent state, it would

California ranks first in the US in terms of the number of people (but not within the territory) – almost 40 million inhabitants.2. Every 8th American lives in California.3. The state received its name thanks to the character of one of the books of Garci de Montalvo, written in the 15th century – the Queen of the Amazons of Caliphia, the ruler of one of the islands near India.4.

If California was an independent state, it would take the 7th place in the world in terms of the size of the economy.5. In California, it is forbidden to eat oranges during bathing.6. California produces 100 percent of American almonds.7. California produces 75 percent of the world’s almond harvest.

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At the Blue Diamond plant in Sacramento, six million kilograms of almonds are packed per day.8. California ranks first in the US for the production of agricultural products, turkeys, strawberries.9. In California, grows the tallest tree – sequoia evergreen, whose height is 111m.10. In 1955, California was hit by a green snowfall.11.

The largest California park, the second largest in the US – Anza-Borrego desert area of ??2400 square kilometers.12. Democrats rule in California. California did not vote for the Republican presidential candidate since 1988.13. 25% of California’s population was born outside the United States.14. 15% of the population of California – people from Asia – more than in any other state.

15. Vineyards in California provide an opportunity to produce more than 64 million liters of wine per year.16.

In California, there are the highest (Whitney, 4,421 m above sea level) and the lowest (Death Valley, 86 meters below sea level) points of the continental United States17. In California, the largest number of Armenians live in one place outside Armenia (in Glendale).18. California ranks first in the US in terms of the percentage and number of people living on social security. In California, 12 percent of the US population lives and Californians make up 33 percent of US citizens living on social security.19. California ranks first in the US in terms of taxation.

The state tax is approximately 10%, depending on income. This is in addition to federal taxes and sales taxes (from 7 to 10 percent, depending on the location). Although the property tax is lower than in some other states.

20. In California, the highest tax on gasoline and the most expensive gasoline in the US after Hawaii and Alaska.21. About 8 percent of California residents are vegetarians.22. In the winter of 1937 in California, near the border with Nevada, a winter temperature of forty-three degrees below zero (Celsius) was recorded.23. Texas in California does not like about the same degree, if not more, as in San Francisco do not like Los Angeles.

They consider Texans to be primitive people with revolvers.24. Because of the high cost of living, taxes and other reasons, over the past 20 years, California left 3.

5 million middle and rich classes. Many went to Texas.25.

Among the American states, California ranks 47th on the state of roads.26. California ranks 1st in the US in terms of the percentage and number of people officially living below the poverty line – 23 percent.27. California is the fourth leading wine producer in the world, after Italy, France and Spain.28. 20.7 million people visit the wine regions of California every year29.

The California city of Fresno is the unofficial capital of raisins, in it and its surroundings about 60% of the world’s dried grape is produced.30. 526,000 acres occupy a wine grape in California, it is only 1% of the total state territory.31. In Lafayette, California, you can be judged if you spit within a radius of less than one meter from other people.32.

Homeowners in San Diego, not bothering to clean the New Year’s lighting of the facade of their house before the February coming, will have to pay a fine of up to $ 250.33. During the gold rush, California’s population increased from 14,000 to 200,000 in four years.

34. It’s illegal to keep cocks in Lompoc. This is considered a violation of public order.35.

In California (Mojave Desert) in 1960, the most secluded phone booth was set up, located 24 km from the nearest highway. In 1997, an American learned about the booth and began to ring there until they answered him. After this case, the booth quickly began to gain popularity, many people began to go to it, eager for communication, to answer calls from casual interlocutors. Subsequently, the booth was disconnected and dismantled, as environmentalists began to fear undesirable consequences for the national park from these visitors.36. In the high mountain range of Sierra Nevada in California in summer you can see watermelon snow. It is pink in color and has the smell and taste of watermelon. This phenomenon is due to the presence in the snow of algae Chlamydomonas nivalis, containing red pigment astaxanthin.

These algae also serve as food for some organisms, among which are ice worms. They can live only in glaciers at low temperatures, and when heated to at least 5 ° C they decay and die.37. In terms of the number of sunny days a year, the capital of California, Sakremento, is ahead of the famous San Francisco and Los Angeles.38. In Long Beach, according to law, the car is the only item that can be stored in the garage.39. In the last decade of the last century, the population of California has increased by more than four million people.

40. In the year 1960, California was host to the Winter Olympics, which took place in the ski resort of Squaw Valley (Squaw Valley), and in 1932 and 1984 – hostess of the Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles. In addition, in 1994, the State of California hosted the FIFA World Cup.41.

In 1932, due to the Great Depression, the Brazilian government was unable to find money to travel athletes to the Olympic Games in Los Angeles. The way out was to put a delegation of 82 athletes on a ship with coffee and force them to sell it on their way to America. On arrival at the port of San Pedro, athletes faced the requirement of his administration to pay a dollar for each descended ashore. Since there was not enough money for everyone, only those who had a chance to get a medal were released from the ship. Then the ship sailed to San Francisco, sold there another batch of coffee, returned and dropped some more athletes, but 15 Brazilian Olympians never got to Los Angeles.42. For the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, McDonald’s launched a marketing campaign. For every bronze medal won by American athletes, visitors were entitled to a free glass of cola, for silver – a portion of French fries, for gold – a big poppy.

However, this action almost led the company to a financial crash in connection with the decision of the Soviet government not to send a delegation to this Olympics, which is why the Americans won far more medals than planned.43. Steve Jobs, who lives in California, traveled only on cars Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG, without license plates. The fact is that according to the California laws on setting numbers is given for six months.

Jobs signed a contract with a car dealership, according to which every six months he took a new SL 55, and the old returned it. The benefit of the car dealership was that the car that was under the control of Jobs could be sold more expensive than the new one.Interesting facts about the city of Los Angeles 44.

If Los Angeles were an independent state, it would be ranked 4th in the US in terms of economy.45. In Los Angeles and its area, the largest number of Mexicans live in one place outside of Mexico.

46. ??In Los Angeles in 1902, opened the first in the US cinema.47. In Los Angeles, there is the only lighthouse in the world that shines in green.

48. The city port of Los Angeles is the busiest of all that exists on Earth.49. Los Angeles is America’s largest manufacturing center, despite the fact that many consider this city the center of the entertainment industry.

50. On average, on the streets of Los Angeles, about 50 films and TV programs are shot every day.51. The police suggest that there are 250 criminal gangs in Los Angeles with a total of about 26,000 people.Interesting facts about the city of San Francisco 52. In San Francisco, the largest number of Chinese live in one place outside of China.53.

More than 1,200 people committed suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.54. The first Chinese fortune cookie was created in San Francisco. But the creator was not a Chinese, but a Japanese.55. The first jeans were born in San Francisco.

56. The United Nations was founded in San Francisco.57. Among the Japanese living in San Francisco, in the first half of the twentieth century there was almost no crime, because every lawbreaker was sent back to Japan.58. San Francisco has the largest percentage of homeless people in the United States.

They are attracted here by the benevolent (mostly) attitude of the population, the amount of aid from the city government and the mild climate.59. San Francisco ranks 4th in the world in the number of billionaires – after New York, Moscow and London.

60. San Francisco receives 17 million tourists a year, while many residents of San Francisco do not like tourists – they say, they get confused under their feet.61.

Cable trams in San Francisco are the only national monument in the US, which is not worth, but is moving.62. In 1848, after gold was discovered nearby, the population of San Francisco grew from 300 to 25,000 in two years. Of these, there were fewer than a thousand women.

63. In the early 20th century, San Francisco had a law whereby cars could not park for more than 15 minutes. This is not one of those stupid American laws. The reason was that the oil dripping from the machines was eating holes in the asphalt.64.

After the 1906 earthquake, 225,000 of the 400,000 San Francisco residents were left without a roof over their heads, with some houses being saved from a fire, because they were watered with red wine. He was at hand more than water.65. In San Francisco, in August 1966, the last official Beatles concert took place in history.I


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