CAD treatments such as life changes, surgery,

CAD cannot be cured but there are treatments such as life changes, surgery, and medication.

The life changes can be quit smoking if the patient is a smoker, eat healthy food, exercise daily, and healthy weight depending the patient height (BMI). These life style changes can slow down the development of CAD. Medication CAD patients use are aspirin, beta blockers and statins. The aspirin thins the blood clot to prevent any blockage in the coronary arteries. Also, it can prevent from developing angina.

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The beta blockers decrease the patient heart pressure and the patients heart rate. The statins diminish the amount of LDL cholesterol and fats as well as reduce the inflammations and formation of thrombus (4). Patient who has very damaged artery may require surgical procedure such as coronary artery bypass and angioplasty.

The angioplasty surgery is done to widen the arteries that are blocked. In this procedure a catheter is placed in the artery to widen the artery. Through the catheter a thin flexible metal wire us advance through the tube is placed in the artery, then the balloon is inflated in the artery walls. By stretching the artery open it increases the blood flow to the heart.

Then the catheter and wire are withdrawn, and a stent is placed to help hold the artery open, it will prevent from the artery to re-narrow. The coronary artery bypass surgery is an open-heart surgery where the blood flow is being restored in the heart, increasing the blood flow of the heart. In the bypass surgery a vessel from another part of the body is used such as the leg. That part is going to be transplanted to the heart. These two surgeries have a risk of the patients having a stroke, heart attack, and death.


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