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By examining the idea that you can become wise beyond your education, the process of putting knowledge to work, and the justification that knowledge can not be taken from you, it is undeniably clear that knowledge is power. These three essential ideas will open the mind to a whole new world that is led by the desire for knowledge. In this article by Frank Baker, he elaborates on the importance of taking advantage of knowledge.

“I’ve met many people who became wise beyond any formal education they received. They were blessed with an innate curiosity that relentlessly drove them to ask questions, search for answers and ask more questions.” Baker uses this point to say that knowledge is true power. Even those who are educated to the highest level may not have a true understanding of the material they are told. Learning can progress after your education by reading documentation and investigating the truth.

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There are many of false or biased sources in the educational system that are assumed true by those without the ability to study it and form a personal opinion on the subject. The opportunity to apply the knowledge you have received and study everything around you is true power. The option to use numerous resources to broaden their knowledge without the use of a true education is real power because they can go beyond the typical learning environment and take it upon themselves to further their education. Denise Caruso from the New York Times also has an unique perspective on the situation.

She suggests that know-how is the key to powerful knowledge because simply knowing it can be helpful but being able to use it in your daily life is truly powerful. “Know-how is more than knowledge. It puts knowledge to work in the real world. It is how scientific discoveries become routine medical treatments, and how inventions — like the iPod or the Internet — become the products and services that change how we work and play.

” This mirrors the concept of learning material in class when people say they will never use the concept, but when the knowledge becomes useful in a situation they cherish it so much more because it is suitable for their needs. Denise uses this platform to stress the importance of using your knowledge. She explains that just knowing information is knowledge, but to become pure power you must take advantage of it. In her article, Candice Elliott takes another interesting approach to the claim that knowledge is power. She states, “The most valuable thing in the world is knowledge.

Everything else in our lives, money, health, things, love, they can all come and go. They can all be taken away from us. The one thing that no one can ever take from you once you have acquired it is knowledge.” The realization that knowledge can not be removed from you is overwhelming. The opportunity to learn is incredible but the concept of forming your own opinions of the world and knowing that no one can take that away from you is pure power. To be able to truly own something such as knowledge is powerful because although the value of money can go down and health can decline, knowledge will not become less valuable. Once the the idea that you can become wise beyond your education, the process of putting knowledge to work, and the justification that knowledge can not be taken from you are observed it is abundantly clear that knowledge is power.


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