Butler one to “grieve” to “undergo a transformation”.

Butler explores what it means to “human” and how social aspects truly play a role on how a person is able to evolve and “transform” Butler believes that people are “vulnerable” and that they “mourn” and are affected by “grief”, I agree with Butler. She believes all people are subject to “grief” because to grieve means that “we have had, that we have desired and loved, and struggled to find the conditions of our desire.” (22) Butler states that in order to mourn one must experience a loss, whether it be a loss of a loved one, a significant other, or even the loss of a relationship, experiencing a loss allows one to “grieve” to “undergo a transformation”. (23). People are able to “transform” through grief and through their life experiences.

When we experience a loss, we are allowing ourselves to be “undergo a transformation” a change within ourselves. Butler believes that “It may seem that one is undergoing something temporary, but it could be that in this experience something about who we are is revealed” (23). I agree with Butler that through loss we as “humans” reveal that we are capable in anything we put our mind to. We are able to change ourselves when we please and make our own decisions.

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