But of petrol or diesel. During the past,

But despite of governmental efforts, the ideal situation for the CNG users was not created.

Due to the lack of interest of governmental officials related to the job people are frustrated over them because form the start of CNG in the country, the citizen are unable to get full advantage of the CNG which was cheaper for them in contrast of petrol or diesel. During the past, a decade ago, on a large scale many number of vehicles were transformed to run on CNG. So because of which Pakistan has an huge number of CNG filling stations in almost every city. The public started utilizing CNG, even the public transport started to run on CNG. According to the figures that were observed in 2009, there were 21,91,000 vehicles running on CNG Engines or CNG Kits and there were total 2941 CNG refilling stations in the country.Now majority of the CNG stations which were build with heavy investments and funds, are out of action because of the disgrace faced by the commuters and vehicle owners are removing their CNG kits from their vehicles.

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This is proving that the policies made by the policy makers of government concerning the CNG are failing to deliver and are not quite up to the mark letting the investors to pay out billions on the CNG stations but now, all of which has gone waste due to the lack of attention on the downfall situation of CNG in the country.


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