Bust Of Commodus essay

The marble is polished and smooth giving the key senses of youth and beauty, the two attributes of an idealized piece at this current time. Due to the severity of idealism being depicted, it is often referred as “a sensitive psychological representation” in which Commodes is being depicted as “a sadistic pervert”. Commodes was depicted through key symbols that allude to his intention of being shown as a demigod, as the Bust of Commodes has many similarities to the almighty Hercules. For example symbols such as the golden apples, and the lion skin.These symbols link Commodes to Hercules, s they refer to the twelve labors Hercules had to perform due to Hear. The Lion skin represents the first labor Hercules had to achieve, and then the golden apples representing the eleventh.

“Then he took off the dress of a Roman emperor and took to wearing a lion skin and carrying a club in his hand. ” (Heroin XIV. 8) The bust of Commodes also contains symbols of achievement that Commodes had acquired.

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Such as the two kneeling Amazonian woman located on each end of piece depicting the accomplishment of when Commodes defeated enemies of the roman empire from north to east.As well as the globe symbolizing three critical points in Commodes’ life. Finally the last way in which the form is depicted is through a more defined style of idealism known as Intonation Baroque. This certain style emphases traits such as the deeply drilled and luxurious curly hair, and the contrasting smoothly polished surface of his skin. The eyes of Commodes were also incised, meaning two drilled shallow circles were done to reflect light on the pupil, and the eye lids drooping over the top iris.

The eyes were also upturned with arched eyebrows, gazing to one side, characterizing theIntonation Baroque style. The bust of Commodes was influenced by the artist in numerous ways, allowing the male to be portrayed in this certain form. Notations Pips was a crucial influence in how the bust of Commodes was formed. This is due to the how Notations Pips was the first emperor to adopt such an innovative style known as the Intonation Baroque, which later became very popular. Due to its theatrical effect of manipulating and contrasting the use of light and dark. The popularity of such a style is why Commodes was portrayed in this certain way, as it would truly represent himself and all his intentions.The penultimate influence of the bust Of Commodes was how the Intonation Baroque was an extension of the Idealism style. Greeks were renowned for their exquisite style of Idealism, and therefore the idealism style is also a beneficiary influence that caused Commodes to be portrayed in such manner, as Romans were known for Versus, until idealism had been introduced.

The last influence which caused Commodes to be portrayed in such form is how Commodes wanted to be declared a demigod, and so those certain symbols such as the lion skin, golden apples, and the club linkedCommodes to Hercules, and so Hercules and his twelve labors heavily influenced the bust of Commodes. The depiction of the bust of Commodes was a significant piece of artwork that shows key values. The bust of Commodes was used as a propaganda piece of artwork as it made roman citizens believe that Commodes was the bringer of a new Golden age for Rome, through the symbols of the cornucopia, which symbolism abundance and prosperity. This caused roman citizens to worship Commodes, and think good of him, and also his bloodline, once again being used to promote imperial propaganda.

Consequently depicting how Commodes only wanted to heighten himself amongst others, and show them that he is the emperor, and that he is better than all. Lastly it shows how much Romans envied, and loved the Greeks, as this artwork was styled in a Greek way known as Idealism. This shows the love the Romans have for the Greeks, as Romans were known for their realistic style of Versus showing experience and wisdom, and so when idealism was introduced into the roman society and artwork, it only showed the love roman society had for Greeks.

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