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It is not difficult to find organizational dilemmas, but it can be hard to choose which dilemma to focus their resources on (Cooper & Schneider, 2011 Business Research Problem Part 2: Literature Review Once management’s dilemma has been identified, the managers need to fine and develop questions for the research process. When the researcher knows the questions management is considering, they can create the research question, hypothesis, and proceed with the research (Cooper & Schneider, 2011).

Managements Dilemma Walter is a national corporation that provides customers With a variety of products ranging from groceries, household goods, hardware, and clothing. As an organization, Walter has 2,400 stores nationwide, more than 56,000 employees, and has annual revenues of nearly $450 million. Established in 1962, Walter is an organization known to provide excellent customer revive, competitive pricing as well as incorporating high ethical and moral standards among their employees. Recently, an issue has come to the attention of five managers at a local Walter store in El Paso, Texas regarding employee’s low job satisfaction.Employees there have been disgruntled over concerns they were not given appropriate wage increases based on their time and position at Walter. Several of the employees have expressed their concerns with management and have threatened to take it up with corporate and strike if needed. Managers feel that the increasing costs of living and the abate over the national minimum wage are the driving forces behind the employee’s dissatisfaction. The managers at this local Walter are discussing their options regarding this matter and how best to rectify the situation.

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Variables Independent variables (IV) are also known as the predictor variable.These variables may be manipulated by the researcher. It is through this manipulation that the dependent variable (DVD) is affected. At times there may be more than one independent variable, which may or may not be correlated.

The dependent variable is often referred to as the criterion arable. The dependent variable is measured, predicted, and it is expected to be affected by the manipulation of the independent variables (Cooper & Schneider, 2011). Walter, the world’s largest employer since 1962, is extremely successful despite its many employee issues (Capable, 2012).Walter has employee lawsuits dating back all the way to 1964. In 2006, workers in Pennsylvania won a case and was awarded with a judgment of $78. 5 million and in 2007, $33 million in back pay was paid out to thousands of employees for forcing employees to work off the clock (Valentine, 2009). Nationally, there are many issues that contribute to their employees low job satisfaction.

Throughout the organization, many employees deal with low wages (IV), lack of benefits and there is a high turnover rate (IV), all of which contribute to low job satisfaction. The employee’s job satisfaction (DVD) is dependent upon these issues.Personalizing the Variables For II Pass’s study, the managers are concerned with job satisfaction (DVD). To operational low job satisfaction they must determine what is affecting their employees. The low job satisfaction can be operationally defined as their employees feeling unappreciated or emotional based on their wages (IV), benefits (IV), and turnover (IV). For the study the managers must decide how to measure job satisfaction and select their target population.

The target population for this study are those employees under management with the exception Of seasonal employees.It is limited to year round part-time and full-time employees. The independent variables will be operationally through the use of employee observation and anonymous employee surveys. Managers will observe the employees in their departments. They will be observing their mood, general demeanor, and customer relations. The managers will then complete a 10 question survey based on their observations for each of their employees.

These observations will not be punitive and are for the sole purpose of researching job satisfaction.While one survey will be completed for each individual, there will be no identifier used. The observation survey will be numerical so that it will provide a baseline score.

The anonymous employee surveys will consist of ten questions for each variable to rate their job satisfaction. The measurements will also be numerical so that it provides a baseline score. From the survey results the team will identify the baselines for each survey.

From the baseline the team will be able to identify the employees that are satisfied with their job from the employees that are not.It will also assist in identifying the contributing factors that lead to low job satisfaction, so that they may be addressed. It is through the personalization and measurement of the independent variables that management will be able to identify and ultimately address the issues affecting the employees low job satisfaction (DVD) (“Research Design Research Instruments”, n. D. ). Research Question The process of developing a research question begins with the management dilemma.

The management dilemma is usually a symptom of an actual problem such as low employee morale or high turnover.Generally it is easy to identify a management dilemma unless management does not track performance factors such as employee turnover, attendance, tardiness, sales, profits, and output. Choosing the correct dilemma can be difficult. The purpose of good research is to utilize time, manpower, money, and equipment to produce the proper critical decision-making information to address the management dilemma.

Formulating a research question starts with a management dilemma. In this case, the dilemma is a low job satisfaction. Exploration of this subject leads to defining the management questions.What should be done to improve employee morale at Walter? Exploration of the management question will lead to the research question needed to resolve the dilemma. The research question needs to be measurable to be effective.

For this dilemma the team has formulated the following research question. Do wages (IV), benefits (IV), and turnover (IV) contribute to low job satisfaction (DVD)? Hypothesis A proposition is a statement about an observable concept that can be judged as true or false. When this proposition is prepared for testing it is called a hypothesis.According to Merriam-Webster (2015), a hypothesis is an exploratory assumption made in order to test its empirical or logical consequences.

It has also been defined as an interpretation of a condition or practical situation taken as the ground for action. Hypotheses are broken down between cases and variables. A case is the thing or entity that the hypothesis talks about. The variables are the traits, characteristics, or attributes that are in the hypothesis. The hypothesis is derived from the research question (Cooper & Schneider, 201 1). El Pass’s management dilemma is low job satisfaction.The team has developed a research question as a part of their research process in order to identify the issues and find a solution to the dilemma. From the team’s research question, the following hypothesis has been developed.

Walter in II Paso, Texas is experiencing low job satisfaction (DVD) as a result of low wages (IV), lack of benefits (IV), and high turnover (IV). Conclusion Walter is experiencing employee issues nationally. Employee job satisfaction is very important to Walter. As any business owner will tell you, a business is only as good as its employees.

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