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Linked is the world’s largest professional network. As of 31 SST March 2012, Lie needle had 161 million members in over 200 countries.

Linked helps the professionals stay unconnected with each other by creating and managing a professional identity and building a pr possession network. Linked has implemented a Multiplied Platform, which offers differ .NET solutions to different categories of users.Linked provides the following categories Of solutions to its network member s for free: An ability to manage professional identity using tools such as Profile and Profile S tats; An ability to build and manage professional networks using tools such as Linked Con sections, Invitations, and Introductions; Access to knowledge and insights using tools s chi as Linked Groups, Network Updates, News, Answers etc. Linked is a good example of a Premium business model. While the core off erring is free for its network members, premium offering comes for a price.The premium o offering includes tools such as Linked laminas and Profile Stats Pro.

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The users can upgrade FRR mom a basic account type to Business, Business Plus, or Executive account types. The pre MIM account types provide access to the premium offerings. Linked platform induces the samisen network effects among its members. This helps in growing the network through warmouth or connection requisiteness. A s the average number of member connections grows, the strength of the network improves . The more the network becomes strong, the more attractive it becomes to the users on the other sides of the platform.

The users on the other sides of the platform include Recruiters, Mar esters & Advertisers, and Developers. Linked offers Linked Corporate Solutions, Linked Jobs, and Subscription products to the Recruiters. Linked Recruiter is their flagship hiring solution to find, contact, and hire candidates. Selective postings help recruiters to post and manage job poor densities.

Http://bandmasters. Com/tag/businessmodelcanvasexamples/ 1/23 Linked Referral engine helps organizations leverage their employees network k to find qualified candidates.Linked provides job recommendations to its members over Job You May Be Interested In (JIMMIE) section of a member home page.

Linked offers Talent Basic, Talent Finder, and Talent Pro as subscription products to recruiters and hiring managers. Linked offers Job Seeker family Of products ?Job Seeker Basic, Job Seeker, a ND Job Seeker Plus – to its members to stand out to recruiters and hiring managers. Linked marketing solutions enable marketers and advertisers to reach their target audience. Linked Ads is their selective product to target advertisements to specific members based on their profile information.Advertisers can setup and manage multiple cam paging and continuously monitor clicks, Impressions, clothbound rates, and average cost paperclip. Linked Ads for Enterprise product targets larger advertisers that receive deed acted account management and get access to additional marketing solutions such as Display y Ads, Custom Groups, Sponsorships, Whitepapers, and Recommendation Ads.

Linked provides a set of open Apish and embeddable Widgets to the develop err community. These Apish and Widgets provide access to the content in the Linked database e and help the developers build thirdly applications leveraging Linked data.Linked revenues come from 3 key revenue streams: Hiring Solutions, Marker ting Solutions, and Premium Subscriptions. For ICY 2011, these 3 streams represented 50%, 3 and of total revenues of $522 Million. Linked sells Hiring and Marketing solutions t wrought field sales organization and through their website. The Premium subscriptions are primarily sold inline. Field Sales organization comprises of direct sales force, agencies, and resellers.

While online channel is characterized by lower average selling prices, the offline chaw kneel is characterized by longer sales cycle, higher average selling prices, and longer c interact terms.During ICY 2011 , Field sales contributed 55% of the total sales, whereas online channel contributed 45% of the total sales. Linked business model can be represented over the business model canvas as follows. Click the image to see it on Full Screen. Http://bandmasters.

Com/tag/businessmodelcanvasexamples/ 2/23 201 5/7/16 As discussed earlier, Linked drives almost half of its revenues from Hiring so lotions. Here, Linked competes with established online recruiting companies such as Moon steer+Hotpots, Carbureted, and Indeed. Com, talent management companies such as Tales , and traditional recruiting firms.Then, there are companies new to the recruiting industry such h as Branch, which offers a Faceable application for finding jobs and recruiting employees . In a span of less than 2 years since its launch in July 2010, Branch has grown into largest pr networking application on Faceable with over 25 million registered users and 00 million professional profiles. With over 3 million jobs, it operates the largest job boar d on Faceable.

How big, you think, is the threat of Branch to Linked? In case Faceable d sides to acquire Branch, then how big the threat can become?On 3 May 2012, Link idle announced acquisition of Slideshows, a leading professional content sharing community, f or $118 Million. How acquisition of Slideshows is going to help Linked boost its revenue grow the and overcome 0 Follow the threat from companies such as Branch? Follow “Understanding Business Models” Rate this: 3 2 Rate This Share this: C] Faceable 73 CLC Twitter 39 0 Linked Get every new post delivered to your Inbox. 99 CLC Email 0 Google Join 372 other followers CLC Reedit C] Tumbler 3/23 C] Pinsetters CLC print Like Enter your email address Sign me up 4 floggers like this.Build a website with Wordless.

Com Posted by businessmodelinnovationmatters on May 16, 2012 http://bandmasters. Com/201 2/05/1 6/understandability minibus incommodes/ 4/23 understanding Faceable Business Model ‘Business Model Canvas’. In this post, we will try to understand Faceable buss news model using the Canvas.

Faceable is the leading Social Networking Site (SANS) of the World. Faceable mission is to make the world more open and connected. Faceable has built a Multiplied Pl adaptor (MSP) that serves different customer segments with different value propositions.Faceable helps Internet users stay connected with their friends, families, and colleagues. It helps them discover and learn more about what is going on in the world arrow ND them. It helps them express themselves by sharing their opinions, ideas, photos, and activity sees. Faceable provides a number of products, free of charge, to its users. These include: Tim line, Neverџ Feed, Photos and Videos, Messages (Email, Chat, Text Messaging), Groups, Lists, Eve fits, Places, Subscribe, Ticker, Notifications, and Faceable Pages.

Faceable had 845 Million Monthly Active Users (AMA) by the end of 201 1 . The following statistics are further illustrative of F-casebook size and scale: 1 00 Billion friends hips; 250 Million photos uploaded every day; 2. 7 Billion Likes and Comments per day. More the an 425 Million MAC’s, nearly half of Total Mass, used Faceable products on Mobile. With so many users using Faceable on a regular basis, it has become an attractive destination for advertisers and developers alike. 5/23 Faceable offers a unique combination of reach, relevance, social context, and engagement to the advertisers.

Advertisers can engage with users based upon the information n shared by users such as Age, Gender, Location, Education, Work history or specific Interests. F casebook offers advertisers an ability to include social context in their Ads. Social context highly sights a user’s connections with a brand or business. Businesses can also create Faceable P ages to engage with interested customers and simulate an ongoing dialog with them. Faceable offers development tools and Apish that enables developers to easily integrate with Faceable. Developers can use Faceable platform to build APS and websites that are more personalized, social, and engaging.Faceable offers developers Open Graph A Pl and Social Plugging that developers can use build different user experiences, including Ap as on Faceable, Desktop APS, Mobile APS, and Plenipotentiaries websites. At the end of 2 011, more than 7 million APS and websites had been integrated with Faceable.

Faceable offer s developers an online payment infrastructure that enables developers to receive payments FRR m the users in an statehouse and secure environment. While advertisements remain a key source of revenue for Faceable, the contra option from payments is increasing consistently.Payment revenues increased from nearly 2% in 2009 to 15% in 2011. Ad revenues contributed 85% to the total revenues in 201 1 .

Faceable is investing heavily into Backwoodsmen data centers. This is to sup port user growth, increased user engagement, and delivery of new products. Faceable data centers currently store more than 100 potables (1 00 quadrillion bytes) of photos and videos. This is http://bandmasters. mom/tag/businessmodelcanvasexamples/ 6/23 going to increase further in the future as users engage more on Faceable.

To us port these massive storage and computing needs, Faceable custom designed and built t heir software, senders, and data centers from the ground up. To increase the user engagement even further, Faceable has partnered with companies such as Nettling, Hull, Spottily, Washington Post providing online movies, TV shows, mum sic, and news. Their APS help users share what they are watching, listening, or reading with their friends and family. Faceable business model can be represented over the Canvas as follows. Click k the image to see it on Full Screen.

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