Business The posture, body language and manner

Business Etiquette and ImageAssessment 2 Part 2For this assessment, I will present on my reflection of what I had learnt during the module and how I have improved to business etiquette and manners. I’ve showed professional business etiquette and image.Through this module I’ve learnt to identify 3 areas in dressing, behaviour and image and here’s are the few keys on how to be a professional business etiquette and image. I have now learnt how to identify which is an image maker and image breaker by looking on their appearance. In business etiquette it isn’t just about the image.

The posture, body language and manner are the points where people will look at you in their first impression. Etiquette is a formal rule of correct and polite behaviour in society. Manner means behaviour that is polite in a particular way. If you show good sense of manners makes the person around you not feel bad. Steps:Dressing/AttireFor my dressing I went onto the internet, go through on the lecturers slides on how businessmen dressed up.

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I also browse on the google about the colour combination on which colours fits best. By looking and reading through lecturers slides I’ve identify the length of the sleeve, width of the shoulder, tie length, matching colour of shoe and belt, the diameter of the sleeve and collars, the appropriate length of the pants and many more. Avoid wearing all black as it may look like your going to funeral.

I also makes the effort to alter most of the attire to suits me well. right86360After00Afterleft63500Before00Beforeright28130500left27178000center4445Before:Jacket is bigLength of sleeve is shortMostly all blackBlack tieJacket too lowAfter:Correct sleeve lengthCorrect colour selectionMatching colour of belt and shoesLength of tie00Before:Jacket is bigLength of sleeve is shortMostly all blackBlack tieJacket too lowAfter:Correct sleeve lengthCorrect colour selectionMatching colour of belt and shoesLength of tieVerbal CommunicationFor verbal communication, make sure that your tone is appropriate and the person opposite you can understand and clearly hear you. Your tone and speeches in verbal communication guidelines is to ensure that everyone have maintains a level of professionalism. Discourage yelling and the use of profanity and insist that you speak respectfully to each other. Even if loud voices or inappropriate language is a momentary reaction to chaos, person beside may overhear and take a dim view of such emotionally charged conversations.Dinner EtiquetteFor dinner etiquette I’ve earn the knowledge of understanding the correct posture when you are eating. Learnt the differences of the utensils displayed on the tables beside your dining plate.

And I’ve understand on how to properly hold the fork and spoon. I’ve your to hold a fork like a pencil. But back then holding a fork like a pencil wasn’t a big deal and I don’t know about dinner etiquette. Now I have now gain the knowledge on how is about to like to have a dinner in the restaurants.When dining with a person in front. Avoid asking sensitive questions like money, family, funeral, partners relationship.

It may upset the person around you or you will have an unpleasant dinner. Avoid using of phones and electronic devices when eating, it is inappropriate for a person sitting next to you. I would apply on the knowledge that I have learnt through this module and apply in the outside world. 411480201295Before00Before3398520179705After00Afterright32512000left33274000Body LanguageBody language can be also judged and show an impression to a person. How you can portray yourself when engaged in conversation. Your body language is as important as what you are showing to the person next to you.

Body language is nonverbal, but it communicates well and showing that you are interested in talking to the person. With your body language, people may judge you in many ways. People may judge you as a confident person, shy, nervous, scared and many more.Standing:When you are stand. Try to keep your back straight up right.

Stand firm alignment with your back, shoulders back, and heads up. The posture you are doing shows a comfort with yourself and ease in the situation. Avoid slouching much. Try to tuck you belly and avoid putting your hands in the pockets or folding your arms.Sitting:Be aware of the way you sit, for some reasons it may shows an impression to the person. Think of it as if you are sitting in a business meeting, sit as you mean it, takes each person around you is important, show them that you are interested. Sit with your back straight up right and with your legs together in front of you.

Usually, women do not cross their legs often, but men are allowed. Try to avoid shaking of your leg, which may show that you are nervous and it can be annoying to the person sitting around you.Hands:Some people talk with their hands moving around, some people stand with their hands glued to their sides. Using your hands may be interesting to the person. It may show that you are confident in yourself on how you control with your hands while you talk.


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