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The business has mainly been a sole proprietorship. However, if the business wants to expand by taking on the bigger business, it has to rethink the type of ownership to make it a better company.

The aim of the paper will be to assess the law governing the contracts, analyze the conditions necessary for the contract to be legally binding, potential liabilities for the injuries during performance of contract, types of employment relationships available to the employer and the kind of wineries that should be adopted before accepting the contracts.Outline of the Paper The paper has been divided into a number of sections in order to complete the assessment. The sections are given below: I. Governance by Uniform Commercial Code (USC) The section addresses what kind of law governs the type of contract being established and the implications for the party. It also gives support for the reason that the laws can govern this type Of contract. Ii. Analysis of Contract Formation 3 The section looks at the requirements for a contract to be legally binding.

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Five aspects namely, competent parties to form the contract, subject matter of the contract, lawful Consideration, mutual agreement ‘acceptance and offer, are the focus of the section. Iii. Potential Personal Liability The section addresses liabilities to third parties during the fireworks displays. It states how a liability can occur and what consequences are likely to follow from the liability. For instance, obligations can arise from negligence or inaction.

Iv. Employment Types and Relationships in Agency Law

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