Brutus dramatic hypocrisy. Brutus attacks Julius Caesar

Brutus was born 85 BC in
the town of Macedonia. His full name is Marcus Junius Brutus, he was also
called Quintus Caepio Brutus. His parents were Marcus Juniors and Servilius
Brutus. Macedonia Brutus was adopted by his uncle Servilius Caepio .But he grow
up with his other uncle which was uncle Cato. Cato raised Brutus and Cato also
inspired Brutus with the principles of tolerance. Brutus’s
character is made very complicated by his dramatic hypocrisy.

Brutus was trying to follow in his uncle Cato foot steps. In the 50’s he
prevented pompey increased power of Caesar’s takeover of Italy in the 49’s.
wants to kill Julius Caesar really bad because he was worried Caesar will knock
down the republic and it was for the good of Rome and its citizens. Brutus,
however, cares very deeply about the city Rome and he wants to keep Rome pure
and good.  He feels that he is saving
Rome by killing Julius Caesar. Brutus’s character is made very complicated by
his dramatic hypocrisy. Brutus attacks Julius Caesar for increasing money
deceitfully but Cassius demands an account for his actions. Cassius does not
like how the Romans have come to basically worship Julius Caesar.  Brutus was resolved with pompey and worked
under him in Greece. When Caser beat pompey a the battle of Pharsalus in 48 and
then Brutus was captured. After that Caesar was forgiven by Caesar most likely
a result of his mother’s ways.           

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soon became a member of the senior priesthood of the senior priesthood of the
pontifices and from 47 to 45 BC governed cisalpine Gaul for Cesar. Caesar
decided he was city praetor in 44 with Gaius cassias Longinus and he name
Brutus and Cassius in advance as consuls for the 41. Brutus and Cato’s daughter
parcia got married after her father death.

Brutus early Career he was picked to be quaestor. Now that he is quaestor, he
now uses the financial magistracy of a roman legislator has to hold on when he
started his profession. Brutus was the one that was responsible for  all the taxes in a  region called Cilicia. That’s where his
father-in-laws was the governor, so basically he used every little chance he
could get  out of them and went as far as
he could with it so  the army of Cilicia
to sole accounts in Cyprus.

       `When Caesar’s civil war broke out in
49BC  between the  pompey and Caesar, Brutus followed his old
rival and the present leader of the rival and the present leader of the
rival  pompey  when the big fight of Pharsalus begun on the
day of August 19, Caesar told his officers to take away Brutus prisoner if he
gave himself up welling but to leave him alone and do him no trouble if he
continues in fighting against being capture .when the assassination there was 60
something senators involved in the idea of killing Caesar and they all promised
to keep it secret . Because a lot of the senators began to get scared of the
power he was growing power to his appointment dictator. They had it set in
their mind that Caesar was going to die one way or another before he gained any
more power to him.  

was influenced to join the plot agents Caesar by the other senators. Soon
Brutus made up his mind to move against Caesar. Caesar behavior got him to take
the actions against. But his wife was the only female in on the plot then. The
schemer planned on to carry out their idea on the 15th of March. On
March 15th Caesar was late going to the senate because of his wife
Calpurnia tried to persuade him not to go. The schemer was scared that the plot
had been figured out. Brutus persisted but waiting on Caesar at the senate, and
apparently still picked to stay even when a messenger gave him the news that
would have caused him to go in a hurry.

Caesar finally showed up to the senate, he was held up by Tillius Cimber , who
is the one presented Caesar with the request to free his outlaw brother. Caesar
allowed him and cimber subsequently grabbed his toga. Why this kinda force
Caesar asked very quickly. He had no idea what was going on and what was fixing
to happen to him. Brutus fatally ended up stabbing Caesar in the city of Rome
close by the theatre of pompey. Caesar tried his hardest to get away from
them.  But it was to late for him he fell
to the ground Brutus kept on stabbing him over and over. Brutus end up stabbing
Caesar about 23 times in the same two spots on his chest. Caesar ended up laying
there bleeding out and dyeing of all the blood he has lost. Then It was done
Caesar was dead and Brutus was the one that has done did it.

 After it was done Brutus ended up leaving his
city of Rome to get away from the people of Rome that truly cared about Caesar
so basically when they found out about Caesar’s death he would been long gone
from there . Octavian was voted consul, and quickly figured out that Caesar’s death
wasn’t just him dying of natural stuff it was murder. Antony led his army to
some city in Gaul. Cicero wrote a letter saying to Brutus that he was wanted
for killing Caesar. So they went off Brutus and his army marched to try to
isolate the cited of Rome. Brutus and his army and Octavian and his army met at
the Philippi in Macedon on the 3rd of October 42Bc. Brutus was the
first one to squared off against Octavian and then Cassius squared off against
Antony’s people then it was done Brutus ends up defeating Octavian. Octavian ended
up backing out of the fight against Brutus .Then on October 23 Brutus army was
finally  beaten  by Octavian and Antony at the second encounter
at Philippi. Brutus sadly ends up killing himself with his on sword he lifted
his sword and stabbed himself. It was shocking to everyone in Rome that he
would actually cower out like that and take his life away from himself like




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