Broach Theater Case Sample essay

The Broach Theater which was originally a Salvation Army location was transformed into a theater in 1987.

Broach Theaters current customer base in an aging population that has caused revenues to steadily decline in the recent years. Stephen Gee, manager and creative director, is responsible for many of the business functions which has led to inefficiencies and lost profit potential. Not only was Gee responsible for all of the marketing efforts, he also cleaned the theater, chose the plays, did the books, and handled the actors.The major problems of the Broach Theater is poor marketing efforts, ewe competition, and a declining financial situation.

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Believe that a change in marketing efforts and attracting a younger crowd are two things that could help save the future of the Broach Theater. Poor Marketing Techniques Hurts Broach Theater Brand Awareness Broach Theater’s marketing efforts are conducted mainly by Stephen Gee, causing inconsistencies that has led to poor brand awareness. Gee and other employees never made recording information of their customers a practice.Gee believes his audience is almost entirely in the 55-74, but the lack of recording customer demographics has cost likely caused his target audience to be off. The Broach Theater website itself has been maintained by four or five different people, most of whom had little to no programming knowledge. Additionally people who work for Broach Theater have mentioned the website was poorly designed, web developers with other responsibilities have affected timely updating of the website.

Customers often remarked “I never knew this place existed”, or “l would have never known the theater was there if not for the line out front”. Beside the mat right out front of the theater, there was nothing else that told customers hat it was the Broach Theater. Other concerns include mailers filled with grammatical errors that were almost identical to the E-Newsletter, inconsistent poster use, and brochures that were mainly used on-site. Broach Theater’s Main Competitor is The Triad Stage Broach Theater’s main competitor, The Triad Stage, was now competing for the older crowd that Broach Theater attracts.The Triad Stage had captured the 25-44 younger age group and selected many popular productions that appealed to this age cohort. The Triad Stage has a marketing program that has full-time staff, and are present in all forms of advertising beside billboard ND television. The Triad Stage uses a pricing scale (Exhibit 6) that allows attendees to have better seating options for a premium price.

Lastly The Triad Stage has secured a liquor license to sell beer and wine to guests, securing a viable additional revenue stream.Broach Theater’s Financial Problems The Broach Theater has been in the red or barely breaking even for the past years. Gee had no way to record or predict sales and almost always had a play “flop”, with only about 40% capacity for the duration Of its run. Unlike The Triad Stage, Broach Theater did not differentiate between the seats in its heater. All tickets purchased by customers were considered general admission. Additionally Broach Theater was receiving only 3-5 thousand dollars from patrons concentrated in nursing homes.Rather than relying on government grants to survive, the Broach Theater could focus on adding additional revenue streams to help better there current financial situation. Broach Theater Needs a Different Marketing Approach Stephen Gee, who is responsible for the majority of job duties for Broach Theater, has led to a poor marketing program that has negatively affected their business.

I think rather than using the $1 5,000 grant to hire a consultant, Gee should use this money to create a legitimate Broach Theater sign and marketing efforts.With so many different universities in the area, Broach Theater could create an unpaid marketing internship to help increase marketing efforts. With these marketing interns Broach Theater could help conduct market research on their customer demographics and help create a more consistent marketing program. Broach Theater could update their website to allow online ticket purchases, and the opportunity to sign up for the E-Newsletters and mailers. This would allow Broach Theater to gain a better understanding On their attendee audience, and how their audience varied by plays.Additionally these interns could also be held responsible for accurate attendance records to see which plays are popular.

Another potential allocation of the $1 5,000 grant could be to attain a liquor license that could add an additional revenue stream to the Broach Theater. Additionally I think the Broach Theater should adopt a different pricing scheme for their admissions, premium pricing for premium seats could help bolster revenue coming from one general admission pricing.The Broach Theater could also try to focus marketing efforts on children’s plays during the slower summer months where attendance is usually down, and preschool and elementary students are on summer vacation. Broach marketers could focus on the fact that their children’s plays are the only in the area to have both professionally acted and directed productions. Believe this upgrade to the marketing efforts through internships and the additional revenue streams can help Broach Theater gain a better understanding of their current situation, and help attract the younger generation.

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