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According to the study social and anemographic features influence consumer behavior. Introduction: It has been observed that the household consumptions are getting more importance in these four countries, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Ukraine. Catering services helps people in organizing parties at home and away from home as a single housewife finds it almost impossible to prepare a good large quantity food for parties. Research Methodology: A hypothesis was formed during the research based on social and demographic features (age, sex, residence, occupation).The research methodology was done in three phases. The size of location and egging is divided randomly in the first phase. Citizens and their locations are selected by in the second phase. In the third phase, group of people living at selected address are chosen randomly- realized by SGF interviewers.

Conclusion: The increasing importance Of catering services in the European countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Ukraine) is the main reason of this research. The competition is growing day by day which ultimately favors the consumers as they get better quality with least possible prices.The popularity of catering services and its importance in market attracts attention of searchers and business practice. The knowledge provided by this research can be handy in making marketing strategies.

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About the author Anna De prowess is doctor habitability (second academic degree; habituated doctor), holds a position of Associate Professor in Department of Consumption in Institute for Market, Consumption and Business Cycles Research, and she is also an employee Of Chair of Living Standards and Consumption in Warsaw School of Economics, where she also holds a position of Associate Professor. She is an author of a number of consumer research and publications concerning service markets and consumer behavior.

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