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Bridgette JantjiesWvls314 Individualism2793467505 April 2018Lecture : Tinus Van der WaltIn this subsequent essay I will be deliberating individualism, a proper detailed definition will be given through, and furthermore an active political party named the Republican Party will be acknowledged then I will elucidate how and why they are individualistic.What is individualism?(According to Heyns, 2002, p210) Individualism is a social theory favouring freedom of action for individuals over a collective or state control. It is also a concept that is relatively modern, it was not until the description that it became high fashion for political thinkers and philosophers. Individualist ideologies such as tolerance and capitalism claim that they escape these consequences whereby reducing all social purposes is a problem that especially manifest itself in a collectivist viewpoint where the group is considered to be more imperative than the individual. Individualism shields the individual against the overbearing power of the groups and persecutors. The issue of individualism is that individuals cannot function without other people and thus groups and societal relations.

According to the individualistic viewpoint individuals enter into a contract with such societies, such as state, school, marriage. And conferring to this contract the individual’s necessities will be provided to him which is security, protection. Individualists has an atomist ontology, which means that individuals have to be seen as the basic building blocks of human. Individualism presumes that all communal relations come into existence as the effects of a contract among individuals to source a precise social function.

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Therefore it is obligatory to accentuate that the relation between individual groups is equivalent. Individualism is a movement in the western world expansions such as science ; technology are huge accomplishments that arose as a result of individuals and thus left it the contemporary man inaccessible and secluded.An active political party that shows strongs individualistic characteristics(According to Saulnier,R.J, 1995) Republicans originates from their faithfulness to individualism the philosophy that recognises the individual as self-discipline, basically dependent persons who has rights and freedom that is the obligation of the government to respect and protects who respects the rights and freedom of others. Who also feels an accountability to attend so far as possible to his/her own individual and family well-being.

It is this embrace of individualism that sets Republicans apart from those who favour government, that is big centralised and also patriarchal. Citizens from the Republican Party do not require security and protection from government at all, they provide their own needs for them. Republicans are individualistic in the fact that they want America to stand on their own two feet without federal assistance. Trumps nationalism also sits uneasily with certain partisan conservatives who is deeply attached to America, but consider it more as an ideal propositional nation, than a particular nation with diverse interest.

The two are not commonly exclusive as founders well knew, only the plagued people from the third world are allowed to voice nationalist. The Republicans trust that they are very independent from America, they also don’t obtain grants from the government even thou they pay tax. When decisions are taken, the government are omitted.

The Republicans do not believe in collectivism even thou they manifest in a collective perspective.Reasons for my chosen active political PartyRepublicans stands for the contradictory government that is limited, non-aligned and decentralised. When it comes to economic matters, the Republicans are unambiguous and resolute in their support of the private enterprise system, for the market as that systems organizing and directing force. The Republicans give this backing in part, because they see the enterprise system as the most competent and rightful arrangement there is or can be for the production and distribution of goods and services. Most crucially they support the enterprise system truly and strongly well-matched with political and civil rights.

The Republicans have certain, clear-cut position on what it takes in government policy to make the enterprise system. Republicans insist on hard expenditure restraint by federal state, they support all steps taken to stimulate high and sustainable economic growth, even thou they disagree with setting numerical growth. Republicans feel that governments duty is to do the things for people, satisfying needs that they could not done for themselves. Republicans targets to balance between what government embark on and what government can afford to do. Because Republicans believe that inflation can be prohibited only through the two restraints named Fiscal and monetary, and this can be done by rejecting the use of direct wage and price controls for that purpose. (According to Saulnier, R.

J, 1995)In close one can see from the above mentioned what individualism means and you can see the pure unity from what the Republicans stands for .The Republicans also display resilient individualism inclinations as one can denote from how they go about with their economic difficulties.Reference listHeyns, M.F.

,2002.Pu for CHE.Potchefstroom. p.210Saulnier, R.J.

,1995. What Republicans stands for. On Principle.,v3n3


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