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By listening to customer demands on healthier food choices, Company Q has acted socially responsible, albeit a very limited selection of choices. To appease the customers Company Q offers a limited amount of product, Company Q should be embracing the trend of living a healthier lifestyle. Company G’s decision to not participate in the donation of day-old food to the area’s food bank based on assumptions Of fraud and theft by employees who claim they are donating food is not socially responsible.Company Q has no agility reasons why it cannot give away expired food to food banks. To just throw away food based on people who haven’t even committed the crime of pandering the expired food is not socially responsible. With strong planning and key decisions, Company Q can improve its attitude toward social responsibility. To prevent Company Q to shut down its stores in higher-crime area, Company Q can adopt a neighborhood watch program.

The company can recruit volunteers to work with the city public safety officers to help fight against the crime.Company Q can empower the community to rally behind a safe zone. This will help Company Q keep stores open, provide a safe environment, and become a neighborhood hero to many. Company Q can develop a healthy foods program to inform customers of the various type’s organic and healthy food choices. Company Q can hold mini classes in or around the produce department for instruction. It will give the customer peace of mind and educate them behind the justification of higher costs associated with organic foods.

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Company Q can also work with local organic arms for seasonal items to reduce cost and raise awareness of local business. To become socially responsible, Company Q must adopt a clear directive to help those who need help. Company Q must remove the bias and grouping that employees will steal and profit from donating food. To combat this, management can set up safe guards to ensure compliance with its grocery stores and food banks in the area. Management can assign an individual or team to be accountable for tracking and safeguard of the day old products in the store.The individual or team and create plans and schedules to distribute the discarded product.

The final process can be daily or weekly reports to management for transparency. These reports should detail names, dates, inventory, and signatures. With effort and proper planning, Company Q can become an outstanding socially responsible store. It will satisfy the steps of social responsibility. Company Q will have Economic gains by profits.

Company Q will be following all legal requirements, follow in ethical practices, and lastly, give back to the community.

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