Brian and eats some nasty food. Brian is

Brian Robesen, is a thirteen year old by from New York, he was the only passanger on a small plane going to the oil fields of Canada. He was on his way to spend the summer with his dad but, he was upset about his parents’ recent divorce. The pilot of the plane he was riding had a sudden heart attack and died. Brian somehow landed the plane in a lake and escaped the crash with only a few bruises and nothing more. Brian finds berries and builds a shelter all with his trustworthy hatchet.

A few days pass and Brian is attacked by a porcupine, he learns how to make a fishing rod, learns how to grow a fire, and eats some nasty food. Brian is counting on anyone to show up and rescue him. When Brian sees a plane in the distance that had already flown over him without him knowing Brian suddenly cried and was not happy by any means. Time passes and Brian sees the brghtside and how it could’ve been worse. He found the pilots survival pack with a compass, cooking tools, a sleeping bag, lighter, matches, a rifle, and bandages. The bag is an emergency transmitter. Brian assumed it was broken because it wasn’t making any noise. However, a pilot picked up the signal and rescued Brian.

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He then returns to city life with his mom and his experience in the woods was life changing.


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