Brenda Becerril Mrs. Massey English 3 04/30/18 Child

Brenda BecerrilMrs. MasseyEnglish 304/30/18Child AbuseChild Abuse is a big problem in our society today. That affects the victims both physically and mentally. There are workable solutions; however, people need to be more informed and aware of what abuse is and how it can affect the victim, especially if the abuse starts during the victims’ childhood.

The true definition of child abuse, Is when a parent or any guardian has any type of mistreated towards a child under the age of 18. It can be physical, sexual, and emotional or even neglect. The person that is doing the abuse does not have to be a legal guardian, it can be a teacher, babysitter or even a family member or stranger. Studies show that abuse mostly happens in families that struggle economically and have a small amount of education.

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It’s also most likely to happen with a single mother or father, as well with a guardian with an alcohol or a drug problem. In many cases the child is victim more than one type of abuse (Gale pp.799-802). Each of the child abuse has a different definition.

Neglect Abuse, meaning that parent don’t have the basic needs for a child, with the symptoms is the child may seem in necessity of cloths by maybe their clothes being ripped or dirty, have problems with nutrition, or other necessities and also may miss a lot of school days unexcused. Physical Abuse, is when someone is hurt physically but purposely, and some of the signals to know that the child is physically being abused is having injuries that are not normal for a child to have, bumps and bruises that are simply unexplained or explained in a way that does not make sense. It’s a serious abuse, except corporal punishment.

Sexual Abuse, Is forcing an underage to any type of sexual contact, activity or as well as behavior. As well that some of the symptoms or signs that a child is being sexually abuse are that the child may make an inappropriate comment at his age. Also they may touch another kid sexually with no knowledge of knowing it was wrong, or abusing another child. Finally, another common abuse is emotional abuse. Its definition is words, actions or indifference that impairs psychological growth and develop of the child. As well, the symptoms or signs are, the child having repressed development, withdrawal and in big need of having the attention of others (Gale pp.182-185).

Now that I have explained to you more of the meanings and sings of each different abuse let me tell you some of the background I found over child abuse. Child Abuse comes from all ranks, religions and income levels (Gale p.59). It became a big social problem in the 1980’s. It got so out of control, and grew so much that it caught the media’s attention. Even the public at a certain point got concern, As well, as the congress would be pretty much involved. Later on, lots and lots of books or articles came out talking about abuse.

By 1985 over 1.5 million of children experienced any type of abuse or neglect, and over 1,100 children died of a result of maltreatment (Gale pp.1980-1989). Also during that time reports were broken down into three different categories physical, sexual, and emotional, out of the three physical abuse was the biggest, being 53% of all cases involving 358,000 kids. Many years have passed and the numbers have recently have a big rise.

By 2014 the number of kids that died of abuse or neglect was 1,600 thousand and 27% of the victims were under the age three, in this age 70% experienced fatalities. Over 702,000 cases of abuse or neglect reported to State Child Protective Services (CPS) agencies (Gale pp.799-802). Also, non-cps studies estimate that one of four children have been in any type of abuse or neglect during their lives (Gale pp 799-802). Sadly the abuse that has gone way up is physical abuse, the numbers have risen by 58% but sexual abuse has tripled (Gale 1980-1989). Looking over at these studies that different people have made, and see how much there is of child abuse around the United States, it’s really sad. To think that around the world there are over 400,000 children in foster care systems is sad. But what research shows is that actually a small number of children actually get separated from their parents who are abusive to them (Garber 1993-44+), but with children that go thru neglect are more likely to get separated from their loving parents but just are not able to provide what their child needs (Garber 1993-44+).

Like child abuse there is child mistreatment (CM) and domestic violence (DV). Even with some similarities between both of them, the system deals with these two situations differently. Child mistreatment the government avoids criminal prosecutions and tries to keep the families together. However, with domestic violence the government seeks criminal prosecution and the couples are pushed towards separation. Some child mistreatment is a crime, some child mistreatment is investigated by law enforcement but most of the cases are criminally prosecuted or solved as well by the civil child protection system. But in each state child mistreatment is defined in certain forms of criminal behavior.

Parents who abuse their kids may be prosecuted under traditional assault and battery provisions, to specific child abuse or domestic violence provisions. However, parents who can prove their conduct was “reasonable” discipline can justify otherwise. Parents won’t get in serious problems unless the child is beat repeatedly with anything that leaves bruising or even some serious injury like broken bones or burns (Claire 1,p,+). Studies show that fathers who take little care of a daughter, particularly during her preschool years are more likely sexually abuse than child with a father actively involved in child care. Although, there is no doubt that in each state, if a beats their kids up is a definite big crime (Claire 1, p, 1+).

You don’t have to be any professional to know that a kid is being abused, just by paying attention to the child’s behavior. If you see something suspicious with any of your students, or even your family members say something! Report it! Do not stay quiet, you could be saving a child’s life (19 April.2018). Be his or hers hero.In conclusion,


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