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Breitt, Starr & Diamond Llc KALYANI TATINENI, MBA NEW ENGLAND COLLEGE LEADERSHIP AND CHANGE IN ORGANIZATIONAbstract The Breitte, Starr & Diamond Llc is an advertising company who deals with the small scale businesses. The shareholders for the company are Josh Breitt, Rachel Starr, and Justin Diamond all of the three are the partners of this organization.

As the firm was growing all the three partners felt that they were lacking managerial skills to handle the management of the organization and they decided to hire a general manager of operations who would be responsible for the employees who are working in the company and take of the financial role where keep a check when the funding go high and planning for the future development of the company. They hired Brad Howser for the above position. As times passed the employees were unhappy with his leadership style and they start quitting the job. The three questions in the case study will clearly illustrate the leader ship styles for the ad agency the general manager Brad Howser and our individual thinking and the style how you represent.

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1. Assume that hiring a general manager of operations was a good idea. What leadership style would be most effective in this position? Why?A. The leader ship style which I feel is most effective in Brad Howser situation is Democratic Style. The democratic style of leader ship explains that without employees no organizations exist. This style should involve their employees in decision making by their own.

This democratic leadership focuses not only in decision making but also in changing the vision of the organization. It motivates the employees to participate in deciding the different work methods which they prefer. Every employee will get a chance to participate and give their ideas in groups and the best decision will be selected by the organization financial lead. The style of leadership will increase the trust and satisfactionamong employees and following this style will achieve a high success rate to the organization.2. What leader behaviors did Brad Howser exhibit? How well did they fit the needs of the ad agency?A.

The leader ship behavior that Brad manifested is the Autocratic style. Autocratic leadership style illustrates that the leader will decide what part of the work to be done by the employees without giving any option to the employee preferences. An autocratic leader sustains his power by strength, to compel, express the intension of evil, reward and punishment. He will not think the good and bad of the result of the decision making but try to avoid the discussions on how the works get done.

This type of leader ship example the management of Brad in this case study doesn’t care about the employees ideas or comfort when working. He just pressurizes the employees without giving preferences to their personal life when need. This is the most important factor to get a good employee employer relationship.

3. Consider your own leadership style. What are some of your tendencies, and how you might change your perspective?A. I would like to practice a people oriented leadership style rather than a task oriented style where employees should focus on the goal completion.

The people oriented style focuses on the employee training/ coaching to their subordinates and train them till they get the hands-on experience on the process of the organization. The training to the employees will give manager a chance to get to know the strengths and weakness of the respective employees and the manager can work and elicited their methods or strategies to make them improve. In this style the leader will act like a subordinate but not bossy.

In the example of the case study my perspective is employees should not be bound be tough deadlines, rules and polices but they should get a chance to work in their way without pressures from the leaders to change the vision of the organization.References: Figure 2f from: Irimia R, Gottschling M (2016) Taxonomic revision of Rochefortia Sw. (Ehretiaceae, Boraginales). Biodiversity Data Journal 4: E7720.

3897/BDJ.4.e7720. (n.

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