Breathing her daughter’s “Kayla” late best friend’s miserable

Breathing through a coffee stirrer, a daily battle against yourself, a desire to live yet at the same time a desire to stop; that’s what depression feels like according to the author of the article ” Teen Depression And Suicide” “Maureen Kroning”. She was so influenced by her daughter’s “Kayla” late best friend’s miserable story that led him to put an end to his life that she felt the need to raise her voice through writing about one of the main leading factors to suicide “depression”.

Millions of people(children-teenagers-adults) all around the world suffer from this mental illness which is considered as a great risk for their lives. The author went from listing the symptoms that raise a red flag for depression to the plausible causes that trigger it. It’s such a scary fact that most often in different cases especially when it comes to teenagers, whether the ones that deal with their undisciplined behavior inside and outside school, or the ones that are strangely unsocial, aren’t their natural behavior; it’s just depression moulding itself into different shapes.

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The fact that each and every single one of us could be consciously or unconsciously depressed is an extremely creepy thought on so many levels. I find this topic very underrated and in need to be sensitized to ,and spoken about more than often due to its complexity, because when having depression, living a normal life becomes impossible, it makes you wave goodbye to your once peaceful ordinary life and gets you ready to enter a dark tunnel filled with profound sadness and hopelessness which would undoubtedly flip the individual’s life upside down, and get in the way of family, career, and social obligations.Additionally, nursing, therapy, and medication are three of the so many options that the author listed which could treat or reduce the level of depression. However, support and having a thorough talk with depression sufferers is so vital for the comprehension of what an depressed individual is going through.Finally, the charts, statistics, and the live examples the author provided in this article reinforced the message elicited from it.


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