BRD209 children, who are usually prescribed to

Name: Naveen
ID: 33567197
PART A – Perturbing Thoughts
Two Words: Slug and Plum
Task 1:

Family in Sydney diagnosed with Sluggy Plum parasitic infection after consuming plums with slug.

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Task 2:
Plum production falters as slugs invaded into China’s Wall Plum factory.

Task 3:
Plummy Slug Fish Bait, is a fishing product, sold by Wall Plum Factory. It comes along with a fish-shaped plastic, sheathed with plum fruit flavoring, to attract plum-eating fishes.

Task 4:
Markets slipped, for the first time in 29 months, yesterday as investors digested the prospect of an increased invasion of slugs in Wall Plum Factory. Apart from dipping 2.79% in the market, this had clouded the outlook of China’s economy as US-China trade relations worsen.

Government data showed that, the robust economy of China, had hit low, due to the influx of Red Slugs, which are known to eat decaying plant materials. This stirred suspicion with the production of organic plums from the Wall Plum Factory, as it is scientifically proven that red slugs, are only known to capture fungi materials.

The hardest hit with the decrease in Plum production are the children, who are usually prescribed to consume these Red plums, to hone their immune systems. With this news, consumers worldwide, especially from the US, had declined from buying these organic fruits, which are known to cause a newly formed virus, Sluggy Plum. This disease when contracted, causes increased sweat production and dehydration, resulting in deterrence to the human ability of intestinal digestion and normal repairing of tissues, which are quite vital, especially for the young.
“However, this expected area of concern will not persist, as government has made efforts to mitigate the population of Red Slugs, which are known to have caused widespread destructions to out fruit products from our companies, such as Red Oranges and Red Apples, as supplements,” Wall Plum Factory’s chief executive commented, without mentoring a reason for the presence of decaying plum materials.

PART B – Innovation all around us
4 key ideas that worked for the product to arise:
Usage of “chewing stick” during 3500-3000 BC to clean teeth. Certainly, the first ever toothbrush was human’s index finger where in the 5000 BC, humans used their index finger with “tooth powder” which consists of ash from ox hooves, eggshell fragments and pumice. The so called “chewing stick” was the considered to be the earliest product which was used for teeth cleaning.

In the Middle Ages, animal hairs were preferred as they were believed to be softer. The ancient Chinese writings from 1223 suggest that hairs from horse-tails were used to clean the teeth. This was one such advancements towards the innovation. But to me, the hairs doesn’t really seem that effective.

Toothpicks made from feathers or semi-precious metals which made a improvement in the process of cleaning teeth.

William Addis, a man at 1770, felt that the method of cleaning teeth could be improved while in prison, as he felt that using rags with soot to clean the teeth wouldn’t make it.
Thus, he decided to take a small animal bone, made holes on them and tied them with hair bristles, glued them all into it. That was how ‘toothbrush’ was invented.
These were several key advancements which lead to the current ‘toothbrush’. These advancements helped in the process whereby different materials were used based on the knowledge they have at that particular period of century that humans were in.

2. Recent innovations hasn’t much apart from the minor alterations to the design and surface. Bristle is a feather like hair found on animals which is being used in toothbrushes nowadays. Bristles are found in different patterns to increase the cleaning surface and ability, where in the recent years, softer bristles are being available in toothbrushes. The greatest innovation in the revolutionary decade happened to be the electric toothbrush which is helpful for those suffering from arthritis or usage of traditional toothbrush. Meanwhile, as years pass by, different brands coming up with different designs of toothbrushes. Over time, the head sizes and the handle angles of the toothbrushes have changed, making it easier to reach those areas which are hard to clean.

3. Prediction 1: One thing that I would predict would be toothbrushes generating their own toothpaste or having toothpaste inbuilt during the production. In this current world, toothbrushes are advised to be changed once in three months. So, when toothpaste comes with the toothbrushes itself during the production, humans could use them as like how they use a normal toothbrush for about three months or so and they can replace them with a new device.

Prediction 2: In the upcoming years, instead of using toothbrushes, people would rather prefer liquid cleansing such as mouth wash. So, I presume there would be a small capsule sized pill which contains strong teeth cleansing liquid. When they place it in their mouth, the pill gets dissolved due to saliva and what humans have to do is to just rinse their mouth 10-15 times and spit the liquid out. It will help them clear the dirt present. This way, there will be less consumption of toothbrushes and comes handy where people could carry along when they are heading out rather than using toothbrushes in public places.
4. In the distant future, I would say that there won’t be any more toothbrushes present, at least there won’t be any toothbrushes with the same material which we use now. There will still be electric brushes present which would dominate the toothbrush market at that period of time. But another great invention which could hit the market would be ultra violet device. This ultra violet device would help the cleansing process to be done with ease with the help of ultra violet rays. This could be wearable device where you have to leave it inside your mouth and the rays will do the work for you or it could be in the shape of a toothbrush but not exactly a toothbrush, which has handle and all you have to do is to hold it in-front of your teeth and the ultra violet rays will does its work. This ultra violet device can be used with the help of batteries, and each device could come with different sizes.
PART C – Creativity and Innovation in organizations
Wicked Problem: Climate Change (David Suzuki Foundation, One Nature)
This organization helps to find solutions to the challenging climate change. They reside in Canada and have found several solutions to drastically reduce climate-disrupting emissions. Few among their several solutions are methane pollution, sustainable transportation, decarbonization, protecting coastal waters, fisheries and aquaculture. Let’s focus on sustainable transportation. Gideon Forman once mentioned “When communities invest in transit, we not only cut down air pollution and traffic, we get back lost time for the things that really matter in our lives.” Thus, the foundation advocates the people to have more efficient transit and active transportation such as cycling, walking and accessible pathways for those with limited mobility. So, engaging provinces, territories and municipalities on national climate change solutions will cut down the issues of emitting gases and fumes from transportation. ?If you consider methane pollution, methane comes from a number of different sources, some natural and some human-caused. This Methane is a dangerous greenhouse gas which traps eighty-four times as much heat in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. “We are only now beginning to understand the scale Canada’s methane pollution problem, which has been underreported for years. The sooner we can take action to eliminate these emissions, the better.” Said Ian Bruce, Director of Science and Policy. It is also said that minimizing methane emissions is one of the cheapest, easiest and most effective things that governments can do right now to tackle climate change. Scientists from industries work together to share the data and analyze emissions profiles at oil and gas sites. Companies could partner with the enforcement agencies to bring out measurement tools. Thus, bringing out these sensors and tools, industry will have their own set of standards and mitigation policies which improve the emissions.
The organization, David Suzuki Foundation was founded in 1990. This organization works with non-profit and community organizations, all levels of government, business and individuals. This organization focuses on three areas. Environmental rights, climate solutions and Biodiversity. Their main believe is that whatever the planet and the creatures face is what us humans face too. So, they believe that all people and species are equal and come together as nature. This organization work based on evidence-based research, policy analysis and education to conserve and protect the natural environment. By having several paths to sustainability, they work in a creative way to resolve the issues such as climate change which is one of a wicked problem.



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