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Braydon BurkhartMr. McKownGovernment paper5 December 2017The Suffrage Amendments     The time racists and prejudice for voting Americans are over.  A new beginning awaits.  We start in mid 1870 racism was a big deal back then and African Americans  did not have the same rights as the white male did.  This all started to change in the month of march in 1870 when the fifteenth amendment was passed giving African Americans the right to vote.  The next step that America took in freeing our nation of prejudice people.

 The amendment that passed was to solve this issue.  The solution was the nineteenth amendment that gave women the right to vote also.  Empowering women to take charge and stand up to men. After that the next issue was what the south was doing to prevent african american to vote.  African Americans were not that wealthy and so the white southerners put a poll tax on voting if you wanted to vote you had to pay.  The twenty first amendment made it so that you could not tax federal voting which in turn allowed the African Americans to vote.

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 They were finally getting out of the south’s hold.  Many young adults believed that if they could fight they should be able to vote.  The next amendment passed addressed these issues making it so that those who were eighteen and older could  legally vote.  That is just the beginning to what these amendment did.  I will show you the rest  in a little bit.    One of the four amendments is the fifteenth amendment but widely we need it.  “The people who wanted this said that we needed this because it was said that the african american community would be free but  they were not treated as equal.”(history.

com,2009)  They still had bad living, working, and schooling conditions.  We needed this amendment to start moving forward toward equal living for all races.  “Most Americans believe that they have a right to vote but they are wrong.

Nowhere in the constitution does it guarantee the right to vote.”(,2009)         The fifteenth amendment was not  the start to suffrage amendments.  This means the right to vote can not be denied by race.  This granted African American men the right to vote. ” By saying that the right of citizens of the US to vote cannot be denied by anyone by account by race.

“( Also this amendment allowed African Americans  to be elected into a public office.        These are some of the effects of the fifteenth amendment.  Its ratification had little impact for almost a century and had no effect in the south.  The reason it had no effect in the south is because the south had grandfather clauses that job was to prevent African Americans to vote. “The grandfather clause did this by stating that any male can vote as long as their ancestors had to of voted prior to 1866 that made sure that no african american could vote in the south.”(history.

com,2009)        In 1957 congress passed the Civil Rights Act, this established a commission to investigate voting discrimination and also prevented segregation in all places.  Congress also passed The Voting Rights Act of 1965 to increase black voter registration.  After it was passed the african american voter registration went up six percent in Mississippi.

           The second of the four amendments is the nineteenth amendment.  This gave women the right to vote which they did not have before 1920. Women were not granted the same rights as men.  Women couldn’t own land.  If they were married they couldn’t have claim of any money.

” In July of 1848 the first woman rights convention was help over three hundred people showed up mostly women but some men showed up as well.”( of those who opposed the nineteenth amendment were not all men some were women who liked the old ways.  After seventy years of continuous battling the women emerged victorious with the passing of the nineteenth amendment        The nineteenth amendment prohibits United states citizens denied the right to vote based off of sex.  This made it so that the women can vote.

 The nineteenth amendment was the first proposed and defeated of any amendment.   Wyoming was the first state to pass the nineteenth amendment.  “Out of the south states tennessee was the most important state without their vote many say that the nineteenth amendment would not have passed and that women may still be fighting for the right to vote today.”(,2010)   The amendment was passed in congress fifty six to twenty five.         Some lasting effects are this allowed women to vote.

 It empowered women to start fighting for their rights in the society.  Now women are running for public office and doing jobs that they weren’t allowed to do back then.  Such as an astronauts, singer, actress and many more.  The passing of the nineteenth amendment changed our nation as a whole forever and we can never go back.  The woman’s right movement started its own fashion line       The nineteenth amendment is one of the biggest changes to the United states it allowed everyone the ability to vote and once again took the next step into making the United states equal to everyone.  That is  the goal of the suffrage amendments is equality for all.     Next is the twenty fourth amendment which has to deal with poll taxes.  At first most states limited voters to property owner only.

 Other stats made voters pay a poll tax before they could vote because far more people could pay a poll tax then property owners. “By the mid nineteenth century most states had switched to the poll tax and were changing one to two dollars or twenty to forty dollars now.”( Many people believed that it was too much money to vote.

 By 1962 most states had left the poll tax but five still remained. So to get the people living in these five states congress passes the twenty fourth amendment.     The twenty fourth amendment prohibited poll taxes in any election for the federal government.  This makes it so that the government cannot charge you to vote.  This would mean that states could still charge a poll tax for elections of state and local government.  Giving the people who have less money the same right as the wealthier people.

 The poll tax was another way to keep the African Americans from voting.  If the twenty fourth amendment was not passed then the people who didn’t have the money to pay the poll tax would not be able to vote.  This would be unfair to the people who couldn’t pay.  By passing the twenty fourth amendment the United states took another big step to equality for all.

 It did this by giving all people poor or rich the power to vote.  Also this guaranteed that every citizen of the United states could vote for president and representatives.  This gave even less power to the southern plantation owners.  The twenty fourth amendment along with the Voting Rights Act led to over a quarter of a million new african american voters.    This was a huge jump from before the twenty fourth amendment was passed and led to many more vote ever since.

    Finally is the twenty sixth amendment this was needed because younger people believed that their voice weren’t being heard.  When they turned eighteen they were considered as adults by law but didn’t get any say in how their lives were run.  They believed that they should have the right to vote  because if they were old enough to go to war.  Then  they were old enough to have a say in how our government is led.      The twenty sixth amendment made it so that the no one who are eighteen  years or older cannot be denied the right to vote by the government or the state by age.  This means that the government or the states cannot stop any citizen over the age of eighteen from voting.

 This amendment was passed in 1971.         ” The effects of this amendment now eighteen year olds are allowed to vote  are still happening in 2008 voter turnout was forty nine  percent of eighteen to twenty four years old which is the second highest in history at the time.”(,2017) The most of all time was the year after the amendment was passed over fifty percent of voters between the ages of eighteen to twenty one voted in November.

 This amendment gave those between eighteen and twenty one a voice in the government.  This is the last step that we have made towards equality. The twenty sixth amendment has greatly affected our lives.

 Now even more people are are able to vote. “In 1943 Georgia was the first to change voting from twenty one to eighteen.”(            The suffrage amendments were aimed to put a stop corruption of voting giving everyone a voice not just the white male.  I believe that these amendment are the reason that African Americans and women are treated how they are today.

 Without these amendments we do not know what life would be like and i sure don’t want to find out ever         These are some fun facts about the suffrage amendments.  The first African American to vote after the fifteenth amendment was Thomas Mundy Peterson.  His vote was cast on March thirty first 1870 right after the fifteenth amendment was put in place.  After the nineteenth amendment was established over eight million women voted the following November but some states didn’t adopt the nineteenth amendment.  It took over fifty years for the rest of the states to adopt the nineteenth amendment.

” The year that the twenty sixth amendment was passed there were over eleven million new eligible voters but not all voted.”(,2017)     Now you know a little about the suffrage amendments and how they comes to be.  I believe that these amendments are important because without them African American, women, and young adults would not have a say in how the government is run.  If we continue to make this progress then eventually all will be treated fairly and equally.  That is at least what I want if for the United states is to not be divided.

 That was the goal of the founding fathers and should be the goal of our nation now and forever  What do you think will be the next addition to these type of amendments and if so will it be as impactful as these amendment I have talked about today.Works Cited15th amendment amendment constitution laws” “The 15th amendment”, 2009  “19th amendment”, 2010 “amendment XXVI”,2017 “19th amendment/woman suffrage/scholastic


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