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You may choose to refer to the tentative rates of different media, provided in your workbook or do an Internet based research. . What are the scheduling strategies which you propose to use for advertising in each media type? Give an explanation/ rationale for your scheduling choice. 4.

Based on the above scheduling strategy prepare a complete media schedule for the entire campaign. You may use format that you like or use the one below 5. Samsung wants to display this PC in a large IT exhibition where people would come and experiment/ get a look and feel of the working of this sliding PC.Design a feedback questionnaire to get the feedback of the people coming to this exhibition. 6. Finally, prepare a media plan highlighting the following points: Executive Situation analysis Media scheduling Budget your answer on the following factors, number Of target audience reachable by The media I will choose will be television and the Internet because these are two medias that can reach the two target audience for the product. This way I will be able to reach a lot of possible Byers, and make the marketing investment profitable. Ill study the profile of professionals and students.

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Professionals profile Male/female 25 to 60 Used to listen to the radio when going to work and watch TV at night. After analyzing the professionals profile, I will decide to advertise the Slide PC on TV. Will choose a TV channel that reach lot of people and match this consumer profile. White collar workers usually come back from work tired and like to relax watching the evening news, also to be informed about the current affairs.Due to this reason I will chose to advertise the Slide PC on W, during the evening news. Students profile Male/ female 18 to 25 years old Technologically confident Social media users After analyzing the students profile, I will decide to use online publicity to advertise my product, as I think they spent more time in the Internet than, for example, watching TV.

Will keep the campaign national will analyze the budget for the media vehicle of television and the Internet. As I mentioned before, the program I will choose will be the News (at pm) in channel 9.The following table shows the budget allocations The total budget for the media plan is S 450,300. This will be allocated across both television and online media as follows: Media Media vehicle Allocation Television Chant Nell 9 $400,000 + $50,000 (Advertisement production) Online Social Media $300 will show the commercials on TV, particularly in the evening never,n. RSI on Channel . I will choose this TV program because the audience for the evening news matches my target profile of professionals.

I will show the commercials twice before and after the news. I will show it daily except from Friday and Saturday. The reasons for this decision are based on the Reach, as this target usually spend Fridays at the bar after work instead of at home watching TV. Saturdays is not a day in which they watch the evening news as they can travel or spend the Saturday evening doing some outdoors activity. I will show the commercial again on Sunday evening as think they probably will be at mom watching TV as they have to wake up early for working on Monday.My schedule will be as follows: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 12 will create one Banner announcing the launch of the Slide PC and showing the characteristics in the weapon for the whole campaign.

This decision is based on the objective to reach and audience that can matched my target language: University students. I will choose this online media because as I mentioned before, I think young people are likely to go to the Internet to check tech analogical devices. X one below. Media Eve icicle Spot for advertising Schedule with Dates Rationale 6:00 pm National News June to January. Months campaign, commercials shown 1 0 times per week Continuous Samsung weapon on the Internet On the website June to January. 8 months campaign The budget for the campaign will be set following the Percentage-of-sales form the company Samsung, and it will be a 15%. As it is a launch campaign, will use a continuous schedule for both media vehicles: Channel 9 and the Internet.

Know this will require a large budget but I am of the view that It is going to be worth as the campaign is going to include two moment in which he purchases are likely to increased: students holidays in June and July and Christmas time.Due to this reason, I may combine the continuous media schedule with a pulsing one and increase the commercials in these two moments. The use of this strategy will be based on the fact that Samsung wants to introduce a new product and remind it to the target market. It is aware of the competition in the market and the objective is to become familiar and make customers decide to buy the Samsung Sliding PC instead of similar products from other companies. My feedback questionnaire will be focused on the customers experience by sing the Slide PC.The questions will be short, easy to answer by the customers as well as to check by the marketing department. By using this questionnaire, I will have an idea of the target for the product, as customers will provide information about their gender, age and occupation.

The first questions will also help me to build the profile of the future buyers regarding their relationship with technology and the frequency they acquire new electronic products. More focused on the Samsung Sliding PC itself will collect information about the characteristics that are considered more important and focus on them in publicity.

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