Both dying a mean death. The Rocking-Horse

Both stories show the greed that can be in a family and the thirst for money and luck over love. Unfortunate death is the end result.The Lottery: No conflict is immediately seen in this story.

Instead, the author keeps the motive of her story hidden until the very end when the conflict really begins. The conflict is not resolved in this story and of course, I most feel sympathy for Tessie for dying a mean death.The Rocking-Horse Winner: The conflict arises when the main character and boy, Paul, is uncertain about the horse who will win the Derby. His uncertain and strange behavior also affects his mother who is unaware of what has been happening.

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This conflict is resolved by Paul becoming certain of the winning horse and leaving his mother with plenty of money but in the end he dies. I most feel sympathy for Paul, because he felt the only way to get his mother’s love was by buying it.


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