Boss the food and beverage retail industry. So,

Boss Café still thinking the way how to improve its recruiting process. The reason why is because the main challenge Boss Café face in its recruitment efforts is finding employees with the right attitude, because the technical skill required are relatively easy to learn. Other than that, there are some applicants were unwilling to work shifts, making it difficult for Boss Café to hire them because shift work is inevitable in the food and beverage retail industry. So, there are some suggestions would we make think to Boss Café can do improve its recruiting processes. Firstly, Boss Café should make a craft clear and attractive job advertisement. Effective job advertisement will help the company to evaluate candidates on job-related criteria. Boss Café should provide useful and specific details about open roles in the job advertisement.

For example, Boss Café should state in the advertisement all the responsibilities and qualifications required for work at Boss Café. Furthermore, Boss Café should include the required for “work shifts interested only” in the advertisement. Hence, manager Boss Café will not waste their time to recruit the applicants during the interview period. Besides that, manager Boss Café could recruit new hires through employee-referral incentive programs.

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Employee referrals is a powerful recruiting tool for identifying top performers in the job market. It is just human nature that people do not want to recommend a person for a job excepting they believe that person is going to fit in and be productive. For example, employee Boss Café know about the culture company. So, they will know what kinds of applicant will suit good with the prevailing company civilization.


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