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Born by the name of michael trent reznor at mercer, pennyslvania on 17 May 1965. He omitted his first name “michael” for not wanting to be confused with his michael’s father’s name. At the age of 5, his parents divorced, though reznor remained happy and actively studied piano at the time, then studied classical music, tenor sax, tuba in music school. He is also a former member of the marching band and jazz band, soon after reznor spent his time lecturing at allegheny college to study computers and music as a side activity. Not long after only one year reznor drop out of college because they want to focus more on the music.In 1985 he moved to cleveland ohio and became keyboardist of a band called the innocent, but he did not last long in his band only when he released one album he came out and join with another band named the exotic birds. After that reznor worked at the keyboard shop as a technician as well as a clean cleaner named right track recording studio.

This is where the reznor tries to try to use studio tools and also program computer program to create a unique sound sound, it allowed the shop owner after the store closed, as a result uliknya ulikannya in this studio became the forerunner of the demo album “Pretty Hate Machine”.To make this first demo, reznor could not find anyone to be formed into a band to play his own arrangements, therefore reznor played all musical instruments except drums to create the first demons. His musical genius made Reznor increasingly mad to create the next EP “Broken” in 1992. Then without Neko Neko recording his next album “The Downward Spiral”, Reznor recorded this album at home where sharon tate artist was slaughtered by legendary psychopath’s crew manson.

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The success of his album made NIN become one of the respected bands, especially with the woodstock concert at that time NIN became one of the awaited waiting band. The single “Closer” from the album “The Downward Spiral” became one of the greatest singles of the day, especially with the crazy lyrics and chorus of the song being described as “one of the year’s unlikeliest hits” because the chorus on the song “Closer” begins with ” I want to f * ck you like an animal “made reznor as the biggest alternative rock symbol of the moment!


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