Bored Salon, was published the same year he

Bored February 8, 1828, in Nantes, France, Jules Verne was the first author of science fiction.

He spent his childhood living near a busy seaport, which sparked his interest in adventure and travel. As the son of a lawyer Verne was sent to Paris to study law; however, he wanted a career in literature (“Jules Verne” Encyclopedia of World Biography).  In 1850 Verne wrote his first play, “Broken Straws”, which was somewhat successful. He married Madame Morel, the daughter of an army officer, in 1858   (“Jules Verne”Authors and Artists for Young Adults). His first book, The 1858 Salon, was published the same year he married. Some of his most popular and well-known books include Journey to the Center of the Earth, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and Around the World in Eighty Days. He became partly blind and died on March 24, 1905, at the age of 77 (“Jules Verne” Encyclopedia of World Biography).Being the “Founding Father” of science fiction, he bought influence in literature.

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He was not only an author of books; however, a playwright and a poet. It was not after Journey to the Center of the Earth was published that science fiction became a genre. His books mostly adventurous influenced many to dive deeper into the secret of earth and nature. Verne books are considered to be the second most translated novels; furthermore, his books are still popular today. One example Journey to the Center of the Earth was first published in French in 1864 and translated into English in 1871.

As a poet, he wrote “La Cloche Du Soir,” “La Nuit,” and many other well-known French poems.Jules Verne has a complex personality (“Jules Verne” Encyclopedia of World Biography). As a writer of many science fiction books, he lacks confidence and is an extremely sensitive person. Because has extremely high expectations of himself, Verne often gets frustrated. Verne constantly has to calm his nerves because of his acute sensitivity.

He would go find peaceful and harmonic environments where he can relax and clean his mind. Moreover, he would listen to music to settle his anger. Despite his lack of confidence, he enjoys playing practical jokes and has a good sense of humor. His subconsciousness in his early life was often misunderstood, making him shy and withdrawn. He feels most satisfied when studying alone or when he is sailing the English Channel (“Jules Verne” Encyclopedia of World Biography). 2.

Moment of Truth Have you ever wondered about the interior of the place you set foot on every day? Millions of secrets are hidden in the deepest of the earth, waiting for someone to discover? The science fiction novel, Journey to the Center of the Earth, by Jules Verne, brings forth a journey to the deepest of the heart, never to be forgotten. The main protagonist, Axel is forced on a journey with Uncle Lidenbrock to uncover a secret message left by a 16th-century Icelandic alchemist. Along the way, down the crater of Snaefell, an extinct volcano, Axel faces many junctures of life and death situations.

Axel believes that this journey is pointless. There is no way they can reach the center of the earth. However, when an engraved initials of the 16th-century alchemist is found near the underground sea, on a large rock, Axel changes his attitude about this pointless journey.It was not until Axel saw the engraved initials that he starts to feel hopeful of this adventure. In the beginning of the novel, Axel was anxious about not being able to survive the journey. He worries about the tense heat and about the air pressure getting too high, which may cause suffocation.

He only bents on living instead of perseverance, the most direct path to the center of the earth. Now, when concrete evidence is in front him, he is flabbergasted. “There, on a block of granite, stood the mysterious letters, half effaced, the initials of the bold traveler…”Forward! Forward!” I exclaimed” (Verne 171-172). This dramatic change in attitude exemplifies that finally Axel has dropped his previous thoughts and set his mind to gain from this journey. The main character is not afraid anymore and is devoted to discovering the secret of the earth.


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