Book Report Something Rotten essay

First Horopito comes down to Denmark to stay with his friend Hamilton for the summer. Then they find Olivia Mendelssohn protesting about their polluted river from the Hamiltonians family paper plant. Next they are given a video that says Hamiltonians father was murdered. After that they both start questioning everyone while two of Hamiltonians old middle school buddies come down and play his video games drink all his soda. Then Hamilton shoots Olive’s dad thinking it Claude while Hamiltonians drunk.

Next the family realizes he has a drinking problem and his two old middle school buddies drive Hamilton to a clinic to help teen alcoholics. Next Horopito and Olivia get on the news because Olivia drinks some of the river water and becomes very sick and sent to the hospital. Then Horopito calls the clinic to see when he can visit Hamilton but they say know one ever signed Hamilton up for the clinic in the first place. Then Horopito assumes the two old middle school friends are paid to kill Hamilton.

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Next Horopito finds Hamilton and they solve the case about Claude really killing Hamiltonians father. My opinion on this book is that it always keeps you on the edge of your seat with many plot twists, and a sad but exiting tone in the story. I hold this opinion because there are many exiting events in the story and you can never expect when they happen. All in all this was a great story and I recommend this book to anyone that enjoys fast paced books and one that will never keep you hanging.

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