Body as Americans that we have too many

Body Ritual Among The NaciremaHorace MinerAbstractThis passage want’s their readers to learn the value of what real culture should be. In the following article, Body Ritual Among The Nacirema, it talks about a cultural tribe that has strange rituals and values.

It also talks about how important culture is to them.Body Ritual Among The NaciremaThe Culture That I feel is like the Nacirema Culture is the American Culture I chose the American Culture because I felt that the Nacirema was showing us as Americans that we have too many cultural beliefs. I believe that the political and economic system in this society is democracy because society has changed over the years and has made a negative effect on the world.

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Our Culture defines who we are on the inside including our beliefs, values, and practices that we learn from birth. Using my sociological perspective we as Americans take extreme measures about our aperance. Americans are prideful people, appearance is our high standard in society. Many other cultures would see everything that we do an extreme to them. Americans are quick to judge and criticize people which we shouldn’t be its just humn nature for many people.


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