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In my opinion think bikes should be able to ride in the skate park because it is not fair that only skaters and rollerblading are allowed. Personally, think that Bombers should be aloud to ride in the skate park because, we Bombers don’t have an environment where we can ride and be safe.

Most Bombers usually ride around town and find places to ride on but usually get kicked out and don’t have ray. Where else to go. Look, think that as long as we are on our bikes, we are not doing drugs or getting drunk, we re being constructive and getting outside instead of playing video games or watching TV.Fifth skate park is public why aren’t we allowed to have Bombers there it isn’t going to hurt anybody or anything. Bombers ride and do tricks outside of the skate park which is dangerous, but Bombers still BMW out there because we have no where else to go.

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Bombers have a higher risk of getting hurt outside the skate park then in. For example me and my friends were just riding our bikes minding our own business until two rangers came up to us eying that “bikes Aren’t allowed in the skate park”.My friends got written up for having bikes in there and they told us that if they catch us here riding bikes again that they would notify our parents and that they would take our bikes and we would have to pay to get them back. If the city and skate park rangers won’t allow bikes then they should start building a park only for Bombers. I did research and found out that Bombers and skaters have a lot of tension against each other, and that they don’t really get along.Some skaters ay that whenever Bombers are there that they ruin ramps and bowls and it gets to crowded with bombers and skaters that it makes it sketchy for them. The city should really build a park Bombers to avoid any problems between skaters and Bombers. This is what causes problems between the novo and to avoid it we need individual places skaters and Bombers.

Foremost I strongly feel that Bombers and skaters should have equal rights to ride in the same park.

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