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Blood pressure increases when the heart pumps blood more vigorously or when arteries narrow, causing increased resistance to the blood artery. To understand how tight arteries can affect blood pressure, imagine pressing a tube of toothpaste.

If the tube hole is normal, it will be enough to exert normal pressure on the tube until the putty comes out easily and to a great extent, The size of the needle hole, you will have to press the tube more forcefully until the putty out of the tube. 1High blood pressure can be a natural response to the body when there is an excessive need for blood and nutrients. When you exercise, run, exercise, or carry weights, your heart rate will increase and your heart will tighten more strongly. Blood pressure has reached its highest level, and is reduced to the normal level after the end of those efforts.When the brain determines that your body needs to raise or lower blood pressure, it sends messages through the nerves of the autonomic nervous system. These messages tell the muscles in the walls of the arteries to either contract or relax.

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To slow down or speed up. Many hormones also affect blood pressure by affecting the amount of blood in the body and the resistance shown by arteries.Normal blood pressure rises and falls during the day as the level of stress or physical stress changes. For this reason, doctors generally take several readings of blood pressure and calculate the average reading to get the average blood pressure.


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