Black her attention about the photos of herself

Black mirror: White Bear (Summarization) A woman wake up with an amnesia, she was in the house where the TV screen showed an unknown symbol.

She turn off the TV scree, she caught her attention about the photos of herself and a man with a small girl. She leave the house and ask for help but people refuse her and continue recording her on their own cellphones. When a masked man leave his car with his shotgun and ready to shoot the woman, she run and meet Jem and Damienat the gas store. The man kills Damien, while Jem and the woman escaped the man, Jem explain everything to the woman that it is because of the signal that appearing on the TV screen and mobile screen. Jem said that they are unaffected, but they are also a target of hunters, they planned to reach a transmitter at white bear to destroy it, while they was escaping the hunters, Baxter offer them a ride. But, while their were at the forest, Baxter tried to kill Jem and the woman, Baxter rang her phone while he was busy talking to someone, Jem walked away and he noticed that Jem escaped. He tried to torture the woman, but jem came back and killed Baxter. Jem and the woman continue travelling until they reached the transmitter, the two hunters attack and tried to kill them.

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The woman took the wrestle’s shotgun and shoot it to the hunters, but the shotgun only sprays confetti. The walls open and the crowded people shout, the woman forces to sit in the chair, someone tells everything to her, that her name is Victoria Skillane, and the small girl in the photo was Jemima Sykes, and the man was her fiance name Iain Rannoch. Iain has a tattoo was the symbol that she saw in the TV screen, Iain tortured and killed Jemima before he burned her body, while Victoria reamin stay and recorded Iain’s actions on her mobile phone.

Iain committed suicide in his cell. Victoria was undergo in her daily punishment she experienced in the White Bear Justice Park named after Jemima’s white teddy bear. Victoria is driven back to the house while the crowded people reamin recording herm and they arranged everything where it was starts.Black mirror: White Bear (Reflection) Victoria Skillane was a very popular woman. Nowadays, when we caught a accident or anything that can fulfill someone’s attention, we record it through our mobile phones and upload it. We recorded it, just like Victoria did when Iain tortured and killed Jemima. Victoria just only watched and recored what was happened.

If I were Victoria, I called the police and tell what was happened so that Jemima did not die. There’s no difference between Victoria and those people nowadays , because what Victoria did is like what we are doing. If we have caught about something we use our phone to capture and recorded it instead of going or call the police station to prevent the accident. For me, its okay to give a punishment for Victoria to learn what was her done to killed a small girl named Jemima. Victoria and Iain deserve to be punished by many people.

She deserve what was her experienced.


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