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Black Swan (2010)Black Swan is a film directed by Darren Aronofsky, it’s is a psychological horror film showing Nina Sayers and her slow descent into insanity stemming from the pressure of her ballet career.StaringNatalie Portman – Nina SayersMila Kunis – Lily Vincent Cassel – ThomasBarbara Hershey – Erica SayersWinona Ryder – BethPlotThe film follows Nina Sayers, a professional ballet dancer who works for the NYC Ballet company. After the company’s director, Thomas announces the upcoming ballet season, and his plan to feature a modification of Tchaikovsky’s famous Swan Lake, his modifications include, to have the Black Swan (Odile) and the White Swan (Odette) played by the same dancer.

After auditioning for the role, Nina is told by Thomas that she is perfect for the role of the White Swan but not the Black Swan, so when a newcomer, Lily arrives and shows more finesse for the role for the Black Swan, the pressure put on Nina by Thomas’s perfectionism, her Mum, Erica’s Obsession with her and keeping ‘her’ girl innocent, Lily’s Rivalry, and previous lead dancer Beth’s self harm due to pressure that Nina herself starts to feel, Starts to make her hallucinate and lose her mind.Themes, SymbolismBlack Swan includes many underlying themes and allegories, for instance, the characters in the film are also inspired by Swan Lake, Nina’s Hallucinations and descent into insanity due to pressure put on her by everyone around her is similar to the curse and the mental damage put on The Swan Princess (White Swan/Odette) that drive her to suicide in Swan Lake. Lily’s rivalry with Nina also parallels the Black Swan’s rivalry with the White Swan, the film alludes connection to this by showing the characters with their equivalents from the ballet, as shownNina/The Swan PrincessLily/Black SwanThomas/The GentlemanErica/The QueenBeth/The Dying SwanThe ideas of Perfection, Artistic Vision, and Obsession are the main driving force behind Nina’s actions throughout the film, causing her to overwork, and stress about Lily’s understudy position to the point that it causes her to hallucinate, and drives her to self harm. Obsession also effects Erica Sayers, making her want to always please her daughter in extreme ways, in one scene she goes to cut a piece of cake for Nina after she obtains the lead role, when Nina declines the cake as she feels sick, Erica goes to throw out the cake as it did not please her daughter in her eyes.

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   Review          Black Swan is a disturbing film that always keeps the audience on edge until the credits, the performances help make the characters feel real and all of them portray the emotions on screen extremely well. The imagery is disturbing and weird and combined with the story allow for a unforgettable experience. Nina’s position as an increasingly unreliable narrator, makes the story unpredictable, and gradually more extreme and surreal.

The fact it takes something like ballet, which is not particularly scary, and exaggerates it to make it a surreal, twisted world makes it something that won’t be forgotten easily, and the fact it does it such a way, makes it a visual and story driven Masterpiece. Score: 8.5/10    Other ReviewsRotten Tomatoes: 86% (Average Score 8.2/10) Reviewed by 281 criticsIMDb: 8/10 (Average) Reviewed by 604,931 peopleMetacritic: 79/100 (Average) Reviewed by 42 critics       AwardsThe Film was nominated for the Academy Awards, forBest Cinematography Best DirectorBest Film EditingBest PictureAnd won the Award for Best ActressThe Film Won, in total 92 awards, and was nominated for 257 others


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