Birth stair by putting both feet together

Birth to eleven months – physically in the first month babies will learn from lying down to turning on their back and kicking their legs. Babies will learn to crawl in the next few months and most baes will start to be able to walk by the time they are twelve months. Intellectually babies will turn their head to familiar sounds and they start to explore their senses through their own movement. During the first couple month babies are dependent on their parent and they are comforted by their voices as babies will be familiar with their voice.

They start to link people voices with their face for example a mother’s voice to her face. They learn to smile when someone is talking to them and this will develop into a laughEight to twenty months – babies between these stages are very alert to people and objects. Babies will explore by putting things in their mouths. Babies at this age can begin to feed themselves finger food and learn to use a spoon. They start to understand simple words and they may start to say things. Babies by this time know who their carer is and if they are not there they might show fear.

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As they develop babies will learn to pick up things and throw them around. They start to like songs and rhymes and can imitate people around them.Sixteen to twenty-six months – physically the child will be able to walk and be able to use stair by putting both feet together rather than one.

Intellectually babies will begin to use talk with words or sign language. They start to enjoy role play and will enjoy singing to songs. Children will start to understand the names of objects and can follow simple instruction. The child will express their need by hand gestures or with words.Twenty-two to thirty-six months – by this age children will have developed the ability to express themselves.

Children will be able to walk up and down stars confidently and be able to hols balance on one foot. They start to enjoy colouring and be able to paint using a big brush. They can use scissors to cut paper and be able to copy and draw shapes and patterns.

Children will start to make friends and learn to participate in non-competitive games


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