Birth of Apple Inc. essay

When I was in the fourth grade I didn’t like to follow instructions, because I didn’t like to be told what to do and how it should be done. Would always get in trouble with my teacher and was often sent out of the classroom. My inappropriate behavior was ended by my math teacher “Teddy Hill”; she reignited my interest in learning. Ever since the fourth grade I have been the top of my class through middle school and onto high school.

While was in high school I got a job with my father’s friend “Bill Hewlett”, he extended my interest in technology and introduced me to the field of engineering. Once my junior year of high school came I began to bond with my fellow classmates, together we would think of ways to invent new pieces of technology and how to innovate them. Both my classmates and would spend many nights building small computers and innovating them. I noticed that my friends knew more about technology than did so I let them do all of the detailed tasks.

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Ever since then we hit it off. Once my senior year crept up on me, I began to wonder what I truly wanted o do with my life. My parents would give me ideas but none of them sounded exciting, so I took the responsibility of finding my perfect “match”. My senior year was filled with me looking for different universities to attend. After long treacherous hours of exploring many possibilities I came across Reed College. Reed College is a liberal arts college noted for rigorous academics, and I knew that this college was the perfect match for me.

Once graduated high school in the year of 1972 1 was soon off to college, my arenas struggled to pay for the tuition fees but they did everything in their power to make sure would attend college. I was very excited to attend college so I packed my bags and had my parents drive me all the way to Portland Oregon. Once arrived to the campus I began to get more and more excited, I didn’t even say thank you or goodbye to my parents. This was a very bad mistake, one that I truly wish I could take back. After I settled in my dorm and got comfortable with my surroundings, I began to explore my campus and what it had to Offer.

I spent one full day exploring my campus; I noticed that it was a very positive and outgoing atmosphere. Once my classes began I grew very tired of listing to someone lecture me on topics I already knew. I knew that this was not for me, because I didn’t like the fact that was being bossed around twenty four seven. After spending six months in college dropped out and moved back to San Francisco, California. Once I made it back home I met up with my old high school classmates and began to build and invent new pieces of technology once again.

I decided to embrace my attitude and I was very surprised with the results it brought me. My harsh and moody attitude led me to becoming the CEO of my company “Apple” and becoming the rock star of technology. Proved the “if you don’t go to college you will never become successful” theory wrong, and that is something I am very proud of till this day. If never decided to embrace my attitude probably would not be as successful as I am today. It takes discipline and perseverance in order to accomplish the goals you set for yourself in life.

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