Birmingham every reasonable assurance of confidentiality as appropriate.

Birmingham Metropolitan College follows a code of professional ethics which are based on the principles that determine the way employees and students behave. The college is committed to acting responsibly and in the best interests of its staff and the environment as well as being accountable for the quality, efficiency, value of the services provided and act in the best interests of staff and students alike.

All the core values and ethics are explained on the Birmingham Metropolitan intranet which is available for all the employees across the organisation. It clearly mentions how employees are expected to act in relation to the various policies like Treating Customers Fairly, Health and Safety at work, Data Matters, Security Matters Policy and Data Protection Policy. The college has created mechanisms by which employees and students can express genuinely held concerns about behaviour or decisions they perceive to involve serious impropriety, and have them investigated, with every reasonable assurance of confidentiality as appropriate.How people are treated is important even more important than the outcome of their case, otherwise know as ‘Procedural Justice’ which works towards improving the perceptions of farness and trust. For example, an understanding of your legal rights, the process is transparent but fair, you have a voice to tell your side of the story, being treated with dignity and rights were respected.

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As a result, employees and students are more likely to be compliant, managing behaviour becomes less of an issue as the process would appear fair.


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