Bioremediation organisms can be used for Bioremediation. Microbes

Bioremediation is the use of organisms to remove contaminants from soil, air and water. Bioremediation happens when organisms come in contact with contaminants like oil, gas or diesel. It happens in ideal environment include a balance of temperature, surface pH and other factors.

The organisms are used to break the contaminants break into harmless carbon dioxid and water. These products can be used by plants and animals to carry out their daily life. Many organisms can be used for Bioremediation. Microbes like bacteria , archaea and fungi are mostly used for Bioremediation . Bioremediation is a very effective way to clean – up. Sewage (waste water) treatment is a example of Bioremediation . Sewage is a mixer of wastes, chemicals and contaminants. To clean the water again it needs to be treated .

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Bioremediation also uses for cleaning up blood and bodily fluids that can occur health risks such as HIV , hepatitis etc . Rather than using standard cleaning agents like bleach or ammonia , crime scene cleaners use Bioremediation for getting rid from the harmful substances . Another example of Bioremediation is cleaning up the soil. Our activity pollutes our environment a lot.

Bioremediation breaks the contaminants and makes the soil safe and useful again . Bioremediation is a very important process. Importance of Bioremediation – 1. It is broadly accepted and necessary for environment.2. Bioremediation technology can actually prevent further pollution.

3. It makes the products safe.4. It’s technology has great potential for growth and innovation .5. It removes the risk of transferring contaminants from one environmental medium to another.6.

It’s cheaper than other technologies.7. It can degrade some chemicals other technologies can not .8. It’s very effective process.9. It avoids harsh chemical and physical treatment.

10. The main advantage of this (Bioremediation) is that no excavation is needed and no special equipment is required.11. It uses the contaminants as a source of energy.


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