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Hence, the overall enzyme activity increases, where the amount of bubbles and gas released in the reaction increases. When the liver was oiled, the surrounding temperature was beyond 60 C, which was too high for enzyme to react. This is because at high temperature, the 3-dimensional shape of the enzyme is being changed and their active sites are destroyed. Hence, substrates can no longer fit into the active sites of the enzymes. Therefore, enzymatic reaction stops.NO bubbles and gases were released when H2O was reacted with the boiled liver.

In the reaction of fresh liver with H2O, more bubbles and gas were released compared to the reaction of potato cubes with H2O. This shows that the reaction in fresh liver is more Han the reaction in potato cubes as the amount of catalane in liver is more than the amount of catalane in potato cubes. Fresh liver contains animal cell, while potato cubes contains plant cell. H2O is a metabolic by product, which is poisonous to animal.Therefore, it must be removed from body. One of the function of liver is detoxification. Liver is responsible in removing poisonous substances from our body, which includes H2O.

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Hence, liver has many enzyme against H2O. When the boiled fresh liver was reacted with H2O, no reaction occurred. However, when the heated manganese dioxide was reacted tit H2O, reaction occurred.

This is because fresh liver contains organic catalyst while manganese dioxide contains inorganic catalyst.

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