Biblical Worldview Essay essay

This profound work of Paul give the believers in Rome and the future enervation of believers the universal message of God’s saving grace through faith in Christ (Hinds & Towns, 2013). Paul was passionate about spreading the “good news”, so his mission was to convey to the believers a biblical worldview as it relates to the natural world, human identity, human relationships, and culture. The Natural World The Natural World is often conditioned by our society, our family upbringing, genetic makeup, education and the influence of the world we live in.

Consequently, these elements will affect us behaviorally, mentally, emotionally and physically. Throughout Chapter 6-7 Romans Paul tells believers that we must not be conformed to the natural sinful nature, which leads us to corruption, but to the Spirit. Paul also lets believers know the as Christians we will have many struggles throughout our journey. In Chapter 7 of Romans, Paul tells the believer of his struggle to live a righteous life and to fulfill the demands law, and his frustration with the sin nature that dwells within him (Dockers, 1998).

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Here, Paul is teaching believers that natural world is a part of all of us and we will always struggle with the elements that make p our flesh, but we don’t have to conform to it. Paul teaches believers that we must take control our sin nature and die to it daily. By doing this believers can receive the Spirit of adoption, so that me no longer walk in the natural, but in the Spirit. Human Identity In life we have several ways that our identity can be verified, such as, birth certificate, drivers license, passport, finger print or even dental records.

We are identified as being a part of our biological family because of our mannerisms, similar physical features, and behaviors. On our job we are identified by titles, roles or responsibilities that we perform daily. But, the apostle Paul teaches us in Romans 1-8 that none of these forms of identity is as meaning of being identified as a faithful believers. When we are identified as faithful believers (saved from sin’s grip) no longer identified with the world, were we misrepresent God, but we are justified by our faith through Jesus Christ.

As children of God, Paul teaches believers that we must identify with God’s righteousness. Three things that Paul says that believes must identify once they have justified and sanctified. These include sincere love for others, conduct that conforms to the character of Christ and a willingness to help those believers who are weak (Hinds & Towns, 2013). Human Relationships God designed us from the beginning with Adam and Eve to be relational beings.

So, throughout our lives we go about developing and building relationships with our family, friends, spouses, church family and co-worker. Although, Some of these relationship are lasting, some deteriorate and some end abruptly, God wants us to live harmoniously. Therefore, because it is so important to God that We build human relationships that are harmonious Paul in his letter gives us in Romans 1-8 some basic principles when it comes to human relationships. The first is, we must allow other the freedom for other to fail and not judge or condemn (Romans 2:1-3).

Secondly, we must invest time in helping and praying others before judging (Romans 2:4) and thirdly, we must be confirmed to the likeness of Christ by being humble, kind and loving) (Romans 8:29) (Life Application study Bible, NM, 1997). Adhering o and applying these principles pleases God and shows a believer’s growth, maturity and obedience in his/her Christian walk. Culture Culture defines the distinct way in which to identify the behaviors and beliefs characteristics of a particular social, ethnic or age group (Merriam- Webster, 2005).

In Pall’s letter to the church at Rome he addresses the Jewish and Gentile believers whom were from different cultural backgrounds. Although it customary that Jews operate under the Law of Moses, Paul wrote to them so that they might understand that they were no longer under the away, but saved by grace through Christ Jesus (Hinds & Towns, 2013). He wanted both cultures to know that in spite of their cultural difference they both stand at the same level and to let them know that all have sinned and fall short of God’s glory.

Therefore, no one, no culture or group should think themselves more highly then he ought, but understand that god deals with everyone according to their measure of Faith (Life Application Study Bible, NIB, 1997). Paul wanted believers to know that ifs not about where you come from, but ifs about living under the grace of god in Christ. Conclusion In conclusion, Pall’s overall goal was to teach and to confirm to Jewish and Gentile believers that salvation was designed to save all who sinners through faith in Christ, without distinction of culture or nations (Dockers, 1998).

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