BIAT bank that has built up all

BIAT – Banque Internationale Arabe de Tunisie; today is forty long stretches of presence, it was launched in 1976 with restricted human and material assets, has turned out to be one of the most important financial institutions in North Africa and a Benchmark leading operator in Tunisia. Besides, BIAT is a universal bank that offers a complete range of services to all types of customers like: Individuals, Professionals, and large Companies and Institutions, today, BIAT has become a diversified banking group in the fields of insurance, asset management, investment capital, stock market intermediation and the International Board (BIAT, 2017). This helped the bank to be open to the foreign market and to have the precense of foreign directors, advisers and shareholders; which reflects its name about the fact that BIAT is now a Tunisian, Arab and International bank with multinational locations, board of directors and shareholders (BIAT, 2018). BIAT is today the main bank in the nation and positions first on numerous pointers. It represents 16% of market share of the overall industry, and it is in the top ten banks of the place in terms of deposits (BIAT, 2018). BIAT is today a universal bank that has built up all banking activities and is a banking group with its subsidiaries in the fields of insurance, asset management, private equity or stock market intermediation; its organization, which reflects its diversification strategy, built up all through the nation, BIAT had 200 offices toward the end of 2016 and will extend more and more to keep itself the first position (BIAT, 2018). And today BIAT is now open to the international market, since it has opened its first subsidiary in France on November 16, 2015 to support Tunisians living abroad (BIAT, 2018).

The bank was awarded by many institutions that it is the first and the best bank in the country.

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