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Beverly Sainte-Marie, singer, songwriter, educator, social activist, philanthropist and multi-award-winning artist, known especially for her use of music to promote awareness ofissues affecting Native American’s. Buffy Sainte-Marie is a writer of protest and love songs that became classics in the 1960s, and were recorded by artists such as Barbara Streisand, Elvis Presley, Neil Diamond, and Janis Joplin. Sainte-Marie graduated with honors in Oriental philosophy and education from the University of Massachusetts in 1963 and soon after moved to New York City to start her songwriting career. Starting in the Greenwich Village, Beverly made a name for herself with her performances and soon was playing around the world in festivals, coffee houses, concert venues and in Aboriginal Communities.

By the age of 24, she had toured all over Europe, Canada, Australia and Asia. Buffy Sainte-Marie’s accomplishments are astounding, including five Juno awards, five Aboriginal Music Awards, Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Canada’s Walk of Fame, several honorary degrees, and even received a medal from Queen Elizabeth II. Although, Beverly’s legacy is known most for the differences she has made in Aboriginal communities throughout North America. This includes her teaching and advocating for Aboriginal issues, both in her music and real life, and the founding of several non-profits including Nihewan Foundation for Native American Education and Cradleboard Teaching Project.

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Her tireless advocacy and integrity serve as an inspiration to many. Without question, Buffy Sainte-Marie will continue to be a role model to many young women throughout the world, including myself, for many years to come.


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