Bentley that newly introduced in the market. Motorola

Bentley adopts a premium pricing as the pricing strategy in the business. This is for the reason of the unique quality of the luxury cars it manufactures for its high-end clients who enjoy luxury and how the company is always able to deliver that. Moreover, the quality of the workforce is expensive for the required skills meaning that its pricing strategy need to also factor in such costs.

Essentially, for the introduction of the new products that newly introduced in the market. Motorola uses the skimming pricing as the price strategy. This is because it enjoys competitive advantages and edges in the market for its innovative products. This it does to properly analyze where the market stands before knowing what plan to implement is best. Penetration pricing is another policy it adopts for maximum reach of the market share in the arrival of similar products innovated by competitors. This also gives it an edge in the sales it predicts making in the market.

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Furthermore, the business uses the promotional priced strategy as well as competitive pricing to gain maximum brand exposure. Brand exposure means spread knowledge, which may turn into increased sales for the firm. Kohl’s adapts economic pricing to ensure that the specific segments, being the middle-aged women among others are attracted by the affordability of the product. Moreover, the provision of different prices for all levels based on their purchasing power is achieved through the economic pricing strategy,Dish Network, adopts competitive pricing to ensure that it can compare with other service providers in the market. This comparison creates diversity, which is beneficial for the firm since its pricing strategy is carried out with the customers in mind.

Moreover, economic pricing can also be used to ensure the general public is reached at their economic level in service delivery.


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