Benny Goodman was born on

Benny Goodman was born on May 30, 1909 as Benjamin David Goodman in Chicago, Illinois. Benny Goodman had died on June 13, 1986 by a heart attack in his Manhattan apartment, at the age of 77. Benny Goodman was famous for playing the clarient and being a bandleader. Goodman had reached many goals in life as he played the clarinet for many people and made many records including the instrument. Goodman was born into a large family of Russian immigrants.

He was the ninth child of eventually 11 children. At the age of ten Benny Goodman went to study music at Kehelah Jacob Synagogue. As Goodman was there, he learnt the clarinet from the help of a former musician of the Chicago symphony. Goodman than joined a band at Kehelah Jacob Synagogue and made his professional debut in 1921. Goodman dropped out of school to continue his love for music.

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Goodman then moved to Los Angeles to join the orchestra of Ben Pollack. He remained in the band for quite a while as he was one of the soloist. In 1928 Goodman released his first album called, ” A Jazz Holiday”. A year later he left the band and moved to New York City.

As Goodman was in New York he worked with many jazz legends such as Ted Lewis, Fats Waller, and Bessie Smith. In the year 1931, for the first time Goodman was finally put on the charts with the song “He’s Not Worth Your Tears” with Scrappy Lambert on vocals.


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