Benefits of A College Education essay

What should they do? These situations are common amongst college age student’s whether at work or in school.

The way that these students handle these situations will determine how they deal with situation throughout the rest of their lives. College is a place to break those bad habits. The way to get over those obstacles will be based on the student. In the first scenario the student was put in an uncomfortable situation. The student was overwhelmed by the teacher speaking only Spanish in a first level class.

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By simply asking questions this problem can be solved.In the second scenario the student was late but the student was only late due to a flat tire. All this student has to do is speak with the teacher after class. The teacher may take this into consideration. It never hurts to ask. Almost every job application poses the question: Do you work well with others? This may seem like a no brainier but working with others is a useful skill and is among one of the many skills you will need to be successful.

College is a great place to develop this skill. To find out how you work with others you will first have to put yourself in a variety of situations with a variety of people.This is the great thing about college instead of just going off and irking straight out of high school. College students get the opportunity to network with individuals from every walk of life. Networking makes an individual culturally diverse in a short amount of time. Roger Scranton stats,” sometimes think that the greatest service to our culture was done by the person who set fire to the library at Alexandria, thereby ensuring that nothing survived of that mass of literature, other than those works considered so precious that each educated person would have a copy of his own.

By this he is saying that the blending of cultures is important (Carton). In college you meet many new people. People from different countries, states, cultures and backgrounds. This variety of people makes college diverse. Diversity is a very important factor in college.

Being in a different environment with different people teaches you tolerance. As you may not understand why someone looks, thinks or acts a certain way. In this day in time tolerance of differences is essential to survival. Everyone is different and learning to accept these differences teaches you to work with others.Diversity expands worldliness and enhances social development. According to Daniel Cases,” Because of this diversity, it is impossible to speak of “higher education” as a single market, offering specific services to an easily defined group of the population (Cases). Getting a college degree also means higher pay. College graduates make more money than people with the standard high school diploma.

The more education the higher the pay. Meaning that a person with a PhD makes more than a person with an Associates Degree. In addition to higher pay the higher the education the higher the intelligence.Carton says that, “In addition to the sigh financial value of higher education, higher education also makes individuals much more intelligent than what they would be with just a high school education. The more intelligent an individual is, the better quality of life they are likely to have. Believes that people with higher intelligence have a better quality life. People who graduate college tend to have successful careers (Carton).

In conclusion the value of a college degree is priceless. College is a perfect set up for the real world. It teaches you how to work with others. Challenges began to become easier to approach.

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