Being away,their hold weakened,as the world sickened. Maroon

Being an artist, she could sense the colours that tinted a soul.

It was something she did anyway, knowing it didn’t make much sense to anyone! She ,herself, felt like she was ‘red’.Sometimes we go by instincts, and assigning herself this particular colour was one of those instincts she had. This realisation was pretty spontaneous, the idea suddenly struck her mind while she was completing one of her midnight paintings, a black and white scenery.The name didn’t really add any meaning to her life though, like I said, it was something she did just for fun.

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But little did she know that it would become a defining aspect of her existence…He was the person who induced a magic to that name , as if it had a life of its own. And whenever he called out to her as “red” , she felt a profound feeling of happiness bubbling inside of her.

He gave a meaning, a purpose, a character to this name, because he understood every bit of her, of red. He meant every syllable of her name.”He” was her best friend, her treasure box , her human diary. “He” was like the soothing breeze of rainy season, the healer of her wounds.She called him ‘maroon’, a darker shade of hers.Both were different,yet strangely similar.

And as the world kept spinning , blurring its colours, they both remained intact, holding on , never even smudging a bit. They remained in grey ,and the rest of the world stood gaping at them.She was happy, she had finally found a person who she could love and trust unconditionally. No, it was nothing romantic, it was something completely different, beyond her scope of understanding..

.something unique, something she couldn’t name. They were the exceptions in a mainstream world.

But they started slipping away,their hold weakened,as the world sickened. Maroon grew darker, red turned lighter and the sickness of the world infected them. There were cries from both sides but they could not find their way back…

Its sad. Very sad. Though the reasons lie beyond the sealed lips and the numb brain of both these souls, the visions were compelling enough to scar their story. Such a shame.The grey dissolved into black and white, for once and maybe , forever.Maybe…


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