Being part of Generation Z, my friends and I tend to communicate over the phone most of the time. Texting is our main source of communication. Whether it be at school or our at social events, everyone turns to their phones as an escape device to distract themselves from the awkwardness of standing alone or silence. Because of this mentality, this generation always seems to be on their phones. The Millenial age has come to an end. The latest generation, Generation Z (aka Gen Z), has taken over 25% of the population. This generation has never known a world without technology in it. Therefore, technology plays a majority role in the lives of Gen Zers by influencing their everyday lives. From social media to smart devices, Gen Z seems to know their way around all of it. According to The Real Truth magazine, “More than any previous generation, this emerging group is truly the internet generation—this technology having been available their entire existence” Being exposed to the web shapes this generation’s opinions and perspectives. Social media and other forms of digital communication allow for staggering flow of ideas and thoughts.


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