Being its controls, rating and or prioritization

Being health and safety environment professional I
have been directly involved in managing project safety requirements, in
identification of hazards and applicable control. I have been developing and
reviewing project health and safety system documents including workplace
inspections, monitoring system, hazard identification, evaluation,
implementation and employees training on health and safety, inspections system
etc. emergency response procedures, emergency drills records, statutory
inspections and compliance records.

I have been assisting top
management and client to ensure that identification of legal and or applicable
statutory requirements with regards to health and safety are in place and the
workplace inspections, hazard identification and risk assessment/job safety
analysis are in line with project health and safety requirements meet the
industrial best practices standards and client expectations. I have maintained
records against hazards identified, risk assessed, its controls, rating and or
prioritization on the project in order to meet statutory requirements,
organizational requirements and industry best practices.

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Although we have a corporate
health and safety management system, however we are managing project specific
health and safety management program. For the projects MDR subcontracts its
work to different other companies. I have managed the subcontractors as per our
expectations. For the project we develop several project specific documents
such as;

1.            Contractor Site Safety Program (CSSP)

2.            Hazard Identification Plan (HIP)

3.            Emergency response plan

4.            Waste management plan

5.            Heat illness prevention plan

6.            Journey Management plan

7.            Traffic management plan

8.            Subcontractor audit and inspection program

Furthermore, various other
documents and records could be evidence of above including intimation forms,
internal memos, hazard identification and risk control procedure, workplace
inspection procedure, communication cards, BBSM, training matrix for inspection
team, competence matrix organization, training presentations on health and
safety including hazard identification and risk assessment and controls,
reports to management relating to health and safety, presentations to
management on various topics of health and safety including on best practices
against various health and safety aspects, suggestion forms, feedback forms,
internal audit plan, internal audit checklist, internal audit team, internal
audit schedule, inspection checklist of welding activity, inspection checklist
of ladders, inspection of checklist of fire extinguishers, inspection checklist
of other fire safety and or emergency equipment, inspection checklist of
workplace including housekeeping, gas cylinders, chemical storages, slip, trips
falls, access / egress etc. inspection checklist grinder, inspection checklist
forklift, inspection checklist drill machine, job safety analysis-JSA, toolbox
talks records such as manual handling training TBT, training plans, training
records such as training matrix, management review and performance review
records, health and safety policy, health and safety objectives, compliance
checklist, control of documents and records procedure, emergency response
procedures, emergency response exercises and or drills, hazards observation
sheets etc. Project risk identification and control matters reported to
management and communicated to workforce through progress review meetings,
safety committee meetings and general toolbox meetings and all project HSE
initiative, management documentation, risk control identification and control
records including client inspection reports such as SBOI, focused inspections,
audits, monthly project safety index-PSI been captured in a project central
tracking registry for quick reference and follow up. Records of all HSE
management system documents prepared, reviewed, stored according to company
policy. All equipment including fire safety equipment, gas detection equipment,
noise level meters, heat index monitors as well as vehicles and heavy equipment
inspection records been maintained.

Subcontractor HSE Manager and
his team assists me in workplace inspections and compliance with HSE Management
system documentation.

Evidence References:

EV – 148 CATR GOSP1 September
06, 2017, EV – 179 MACL-SFNY-JSA- INSTALLATION OF TL-13, EV 191 TBT Manual
Handling-SFNY GOSP-160925, EV – 192 Calibration Certificate Multi gas detector,
EV 197 MOM-WPR-037 Weekly Meeting 14 May 2017, EV 198 PSI TL-13 – McDermott –
20 Aug 2017 (Rev-00)


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