Being But in my eyes, the true definitions

Being consistent is the real definition of integrityIntegrity has been defined as many different things. It’s been defined as having moral principles being honest and even being morally upright. But in my eyes, the true definitions of integrity is being consistent with what you do and what you believe in even if it’s the hardest thing you may ever do, and always do the right thing even though it may be hard. These traits show up in characters from both To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, as well as the article “Pakistani man teaches poor kids in a park, keep promise to his dying dad” by Associated Press.

Integrity is a promise we make to ourselves to be consistent in what we believe in, we should all strive to be consist and work for what we think is right. An example of a man who has a lot of integrity is Mohammed Ayub is a man in Pakistani who is constantly working to fulfill his promise to his father. Mohammed said, ” What I know is that I will continue this Mission until my last breath” this statement from Mohammed is very powerful because it shows he works everyday and takes care of his family at home, and yes the other definitions describe Mohammed, like having moral principles but the use of the word integrity is perfect for this situation. Consistency is a choice leaders chose to make everyday “Ayub moved to a different city so he could support his seven siblings even after his father died” for Mohammed going to the park over and over again even though his father is dying is so he can support his family and teach them integrity.Integrity can also be willingness and ability to do the right thing even though it is difficult. The book To Kill a Mockingbird has many examples of integrity in it. For example Atticus finch, he is a role model to not only jem and scout but the whole town of maycomb.

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We see the book show examples of Atticus fighting for what’s right like in the court case he chooses this case because he was fight for what was right the innocent life of tom robinson. During the trial Atticus says under his breath, “in the name of god believe him” (Lee 209) this sentence from atticus reminds the reader that the court should be doing their job of integrity by doing what’s right.


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