Behavior and Communication Paper essay

They also envision their company creating a new global outwork by integrating innovations and various platforms to be the leader. Communications are their business, and they focus on integrating the innovations in technology as they are developed. The company is aligned with their mission and values as stated.

According to the company web page under the company profile and overview community section, “At AT&T, we see supporting programs that promote learning and make community needs a priority.We fund many programs through corporate and employee donations, and our AT&T Foundation. Our employees reflect our communities ND support our customers better because of it. We also make an extra effort to use diverse suppliers. ” By being supportive of programs throughout the community, the company shows their interest in the community success. Earlier this year in Texas at the 201 5 SSW Conferences and Festival the company temporarily doubled the mobile network capacity with innovative enhancements (AT&TNewsroom.

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2015)). Using these temporary enhancements ensured that their AT&T customers and offered spectators a more reliable cellular connection so they could share some of their favorite moments of the event through texts and social media. Opening up the cellular capacity allowed for satisfied customers and made the event more enjoyable plus it allowed the company to use new innovative technology.

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